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Monday, January 31, 2005

The on when Raz "Is Not Stupid"

Hi all!

Nothing much to update today. Hype Records have yet to get back to me on the exact prize to be given out for the Name The FanClub contest - I guess Taufik has yet to make up his mind! Fret now - we have a winner! At a whopping 50.7% of total votes! Obviously I can't say anything for now - but once I have heard from Taufik's team, I'll put it up right here!

Alright, thanks to Liznadia for the scans from Lifestyle magazine. Also thanks to Michael for setting up the pretition for World Idol 2.

Alright side track a bit.

I have been taking a break today (after my exams this afternoon) laughing myself to "I Not Stupid". Anyone still remember the movie? The story about how three kids struggled in Singapore's "restrictive" education system, and how their families interact with each other. It can easily be disguised as a comedy, but is it only me or is there anyone else detect the many "political undertone" in the movie?

I laughed and cried with the movie. Call me lame but damn this is one hell of a story! Does anyone feel the same way as me? Let's share in our forum.

Sorry for the detour, hor, but must do some other things, if not very boring one, leh :P

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The one when Raz is whirlwind-ed

The past week has been an absolute tsunami for me (pun intended)! With the surmounting planning tasks for the site, my increasing responsibilities at work and my upcoming exams.... breathe, Raz, breathe. That's what I have been telling myself all week.

And if you noticed the seemingly lack of updates on the site - that's not because I'm not working on the blogs. In fact, my pace has quicken to double the speed, because I have been populating the content for some other Taufik-related blogs (pause for effect). Yeah, you guessed it right. New things are coming up. Real soon too!

As of press time (I love to use this phrase!), the official results for the fanclub name voting is not finalised yet. I have ended the voting, but gotta tell you this - the winner leads the rest of the entries by at least 50%! That percentage made me think of the margin of which Taufik won Singapore Idol! Haha... anyway, I am passing everything to Artiste Management, and the official results will be announced soon.

Just though of letting you know this - I have also created www.AmericanIdol4.net to capture the fever for the original Idol fever! Do drop by for a visit yeah?

That's all for the week, folks!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The one when (finally) all CDs have been sent out

Dear Taufik-eds!

Finally! All CDs have been sent out to all buyers! You should be receiving your copies by Saturday the latest, and sometime next week for Malaysian buyers. And I got a surprised for you in the package! No, it is more than just Taufik's autograph! =)

Name-the-FanClub Contest!

I listed one of the entry wrongly. So sorry people. It should be "Fiknatic", not "Fiknatik" as listed before. So sorry! But the poll will continue, and you can do so here

Simply Taufik
Get Taufik-ed
Fiknatic (Updated!)
Totally Fiked-out

S'pore Poly Open House

Here you go, another Taufik's appearance! Here's the details:
What: Taufik's Special Appearance@ S'pore Poly Open House
Date: Saturday, 5th Feb 05
Time: 12.30 to 1.30pm (during Lunch Time Concert at SP's Open House)
Where: S'pore Poly Convention Centre, next to Dover MRT station (same venue as his 22 Jan Thank-You party)

Taufik is worried that the last minute change in date may result in poor attendance. Prove him wrong!! Keep up to date on Taufik's schedule by going to the forum's calendar.

Taufik-ed Gallery - Updated!

More contribution from Taufik-ed Fans - this time from Kim! View the Taufik-ed Gallery on last Saturday's Thank-You Party.

More News on Taufik

The truth about Ibu
Malay song on Taufik's album was written by Ahmad Jaafar and Sharif Rahman, not P. Ramlee - Read more...

Terharu IBU jadi pilihan Taufik tetapi....
Apabila mendapat tahu Taufik Batisah menyertakan lagu IBU dalam album sulungnya, keluarga penggubah veteran Haji Ahmad Jaafar rasa terharu dan bangga - Read more...

NEW! Get Live MSN Alert

Decided to try out this new service. Now you can get Live Alert on MSN Messenger whenever TaufikBatisah.net is updated. Just look at the top right column to sign up.

Alright. It had been a long day. And thank goodness I am on leave tomorrow! Till then =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The one when everyone gets to vote!

Dear Taufik-eds!

What a day this is going to be! First, Taufik was featured "big-big" right at the front page of TODAY! It was part of MediaCorp advertisement for their upcoming programmes, one of which is a drama series starring all 11 Idol finalists.

How cool is that! =)

Secondly, Taufik's autographed albums will be delivered to me soon, and once I got them packed up, I'll be able to send them off by this evening! If that's the case, you'll get your ordered CDs by this Friday!

And finally - Taufik has made his selection of the top 5 names for his official fan club! Hype Records sent this to me today, and here are the names choosen by the man himself!

Simply Taufik
Get Taufik-ed
Totally Fiked-out

If one of these names was suggested by you - congratulations!

Now, here's your chance to have a say in naming your very own fan club for Taufik. Vote for the one that you like the best, and the name with the most votes will be THE name of the official fan club, and the person who suggest it will win a personalised gift from Taufik!

Only one vote per fan please. Click on the banner to vote now!

Vote now!

Voting close this Sunday, 30th January. =)

The one when everyone is getting restless waiting

You have waited for more than a week

You have listened to his songs over the radio

You have yet to listen to it on your own player

You fidgeted, trembled, agitated, complained...


The envelopes are labeled. The CDs are autographed.
Perhaps the label is not well-cut
The envelope is sticky at places
But, at least, they are ready

On Their Way To You Tomorrow, 26th January 2005

Count Your Blessings!

Monday, January 24, 2005

The one when Raz is flooded with emails

Hi Taufik-eds!

This is a late night entry. Okay, not exactly very late, but late enough by my usual standard in updating the site.

A note to all buyers of "Blessings" through TaufikBatisah.net: My apologies if I am unable to respond to all your emails personally, but there were so many! Taufik is currently in the process of signing the albums, and once he is done, we'll immediately despatch to all buyers. I hope to send all orders out by Thursday. Okay?

Taufik in the News

Over the weekends there are some news on Taufik in the Malay daily Berita Minggu. Thanks to Julianah who took the trouble to send in the these news! Also, there is a piece written by my ex-section leader (I was a trombonist with NTUSB), though i am not sure where it was published. Hehe...

- Count Your Blessings...
- Taufik Kini Layak Dapat Anugerah Platinum
- Wak: Sabarlah Taufik

Great reads, if you understand Malay!

Taufik's CD Available Online

CDRAMA has made Taufik's album available through online sales! Spread the word around, especially to your overseas friends. Click the logo below to go to the site for purchase. The CD is priced at S$16.95 excluding delivery charges.
Taufik's CD Available Online

Thank You Party Gallery Updated

The gallery for last Saturday's party has been updated with more contributions - this time from Eric. Thanks dude!

That's all folks for tonight!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The one when Raz is setting up another site!

Hi Taufik-eds!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the Name-the-FanClub contest! Submission is officially close. I am sure Taufik will have his hand full trying to pick only 5 out of the 81 entries submitted. Once I have his selection, I'll put it up here for voting!

Now, some updates for today. I have sent out this week's newsletter with the big news - Taufik's debut album has reached the 24,000 mark and counting! This makes him a Platinum award winner. Sony-BMG is confident he'll hit the Double Platinum, making him the first local English artiste to achieve that mark.

Go Taufik!

There's also news on the auction for posters of Taufik and Sylvester for charity. Check out the news!

New photos have been uploaded for both the Thank You Party @ Singapore Poly as well as those gorgeous pics at the Singapore Idol Final Showdown galleries.

Alrighty, I have also created another Idol-related site! Do check out the AmericanIdol4.net, specially built for Singapore's AMI fans!

That's all, folks! And have a great weekend ahead!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

The one when Taufik is eyeing a DOUBLE Platinum!

"What if he doesn't recognise me?"

It was almost 6 p.m., and the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Hall is almost empty, except for the few fans (including yours truly) who was unlucky enough to be the last few to go on stage and meet the soul man himself.

And I was suddenly gripped by an unknown fear. "Oh damn, it will be damn embarassing if he can't recognise me!" I thought to myself as I approached the table.

"Sorry, if you want to take pictures you'll need to stand next to the lady in white," the bouncer pointed to my camera and gestured to the lady in question some steps away from the table.

I gingerly took my spot to take the photographer spot to take a good shot of Eric (hey dude, nice meeting you!) talking to Taufik.

Suddenly Taufik looked up, saw me and instantly his eyes lit up in recognition. "Hey Razlan, it's you!"

I couldn't help it but blurted, "Oh my, he remembered me!"

It was like two friends meeting again after a long time. Indeed, it was a "Blessings"!

The Party Invite!

Of Blessings

The hall was filled with some 1000 eager fans who were there by a lucky stroke of fate, having passes to the event. Indeed, Taufik's "Thank You & Signing" party is more than just another meet-the-fan session.

It was revealed in the show that his debut album, "Blessings" have hit more than 24,000 copies in sales and counting!"

That made him a Platinum award winner, and if the album hit 30,000 copies, Taufik will make history as the first English album artiste to achieve a DOUBLE platinum in Singapore.

A Day for His Fans

"I'm nothing without you guys," Taufik repeatedly said to his fans. "Thank you for believing in me and making my dreams come true."

Taufik once again paid tribute to dear mummy, who rose to the occasion, took a slight bow towards the 1000-strong audience who roared their approval with thunderous applause.

The fans further took the spotlight with a "fans conference". Many took the chance to ask him whatever you can think of, including his "relationship" with Leandra.

"I enjoy reading about myself in the paper," Taufik said with a dead-panned expression. "The media can really blow things out of porpotion; but please, continue to write more on me"

I must say - his media savviness is worth admiring. He completely avoided the question and took a pot shot at the press in the process! But all in attendance knew one thing for sure - never took the media seriously. Including the rumoured romance between the two Idol finalists.

Taufik Wannabes!

The fans also took the stage with their awesome dance move (oh my, a certain Nizam really shook the hall with his moves - he is as good as Taufik!) and commendable singing (that rendition of "Let's Stay Together" was awesome, gurl!).

But what is more memorable for many Taufik-ed fans today was to discover that their Idol is still the Taufik they have grown to adore right from the start.

From the cliche "There is two kind of Usher/Taufik" to the awwwww-ing "Saya Sayang Mak", Taufik is close to the hearts of many. As he determined signing his autographed over and over again many, many times for his fans, the soul man has kept his promise.

That he will thank his fans who have voted for him. And today, ending with a platinum award in his bag and an aching wrist, Taufik has shown Singapore he is a man of his words.

And that eye sparkle knowing who I am was enough to make the trip down all worth it.

Now, tell us your experience!

(Razlan's note: I know the photos sucks, but my camera ran out of battery again and can't take pictures properly. Can anyone share their pics, please?)

Thursday, January 20, 2005

The one when Raz was tickled by the canned MTV

Hi Taufik-eds!

Thanks for all the words of concern. I am feeling much better now, though have been working from home for office stuff although I am on MC. Oh well... what to do. When duties call...

I found the recent frame by frame commentary in the recent 8-Days to be extremely hilarious! Haha... I don't know if I should be relieved the canned version is, well, canned (it seems tacky, alright), but I am just dying to share this with you people! :)

I like the third frame, the most! Haha.... Ok, other features in the recent 8-Days also include a track-by-track review by Raymond. Do check it out!

I have also updated with the Final Showdown gallery with another 10 photos, mostly on Sly. Have a look yeah! And to all Muslim fans - Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

Signing off!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The one where Raz is unable to update much

Hi all,

Here are some Taufik-ed news for ya!

Taufik's Showcase @ Singapore Polytechnic!

It's confirmed - Taufik's showcase will be held this Saturday at Singapore Polytechnic at 3 p.m. Winners of the event passes lucky draw have been notified by mail. You must be damn thrilled!

Congratulations to Zhao Renmin and Nor Sabrina Abu Bakar, who have bought their albums through this website and won passes to this Saturday's event! I'll be in touch soon via email for information in collecting the pass. Congrats, gurl!

Many have asked - is Raz going to be there this Saturday? Yes, I will be. So see you people there!

(Click here for map to Singapore Polytechnic, and here for more info)

Name-the-FanClub Contest!

Thank you so much for all the responses to the name-the-fanclub contest! Not to disappoint people who may not be reading this site daily, I have decided to open this contest until this Sunday, 23rd January at 12 noon. After that, I'll compile the list of submission and be submitted to Artiste Management, the management arm of Hype Records of which Taufik is part of.

An amendments to my previous information, and I am sure this a good news to all - the winner of this contest, whose entry will be used to name the fan club, will be presented with a personalised gift from Taufik himself!

That's good news, isn't it? Click here to submit your entry, if you have yet to do so. The top 5 names, selected by Taufik himself, will be put up for voting on Monday!

Taufik in the News

The media seems to be parading again on Taufik's ground. The one in 8-Days (on the canned version of "I Dream" MTV, and track-by-track review) are good. Haven't got the time to put them up here, but go get a copy. Here are some updates available on this site:

- Youth taskforce to draw youths with Idol effect
- Boycott Taufik? Definitely not
- MediaCorp Radio Malay stations refute accusations of banning Taufik songs
- Our Feeling

On a personal note, unfortunately I have been taken ill and now resting at home. Won't be using the computer unless for urgent/important stuff. My apologies if I take longer than usual to respond to your emails, people.

Signing off.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The one when fans should suggest names for the fanclub!

Hi all!

The responses from Taufik-ed fans on the Name the FanClub Contest organized by Hype Records were overwhelming. Take heart people - as I have sent in your entries to Hype already. For those of you who have not submitted your entry, fret not! I will keep the form open for another 24 hours, so this is your chance to name the official Taufik's fan club!

Kind Words for TaufikBatisah.net

Over the weeks (or had it been months already?), I have received many encouraging emails and notes from fans who frequented my blog. They are the reason for me to be able to continue what I am doing, and I would like to just say this to all - thank you for your support and concern - you got me going!

New Gallery - Final Showdown!

Too late for these? But I'm sure these will keep your blood boiling. And I threw in one of Sly's for good measure. Any Sly's fans lurking around? =) Say hi! More photos like these coming your way! (Click to view album)

New Gallery - Final Showdown!

New Gallery - Final Showdown!

Taufik on "Love"

Okay, won't write much, but here are some scans from the latest Seventeen magazine, February Issue. Really interesting feature (though I am a bit too old for all that stuff, haha). Get your copy today!

Good night, all =)

The one when the official fan club is finally forming!

Dear Taufik-ed fans!

Monday is always a blue day for me. So much work to do in office, and I'm always flooded! The an hour or two before bed time is my Taufik-ed time, so here I am faithfully updating you on all things Taufik.

Name Taufik's Fan Club Contest!

Hype Records

Yup, you have read it right. An official Taufik's fan club is (finally) forming. I am helping Hype Records (that's Taufik's management company) to get suggestions for the fan club. Hype Records would like to know YOUR preference before they make any further action. What's more, the winner of this contest will be "rewarded" with a personlised gift from Taufik!

Now, this is how it'll work:
1) I'll collect suggestions from you using a web form (linked below)
2) Give us your most creative thought! And tell us why you choose that name!
3) All names of participants and their suggestions will be passed on to Hype
4) Hype Records will select the top 5 names and open for public voting
5) The name with the top votes will be the winner and get a gift from Taufik!

Click here to name the Official Taufik Fan Club!

Okay, better hurry. Once I have enough suggestions, I will close the form. Usually this won't take more than a day! I have already suggested mine! :P

Taufik's Blessing Showcase!

The news is out that Taufik's showcase for his album will be held this Saturday, 22nd January at the Singapore Polytechnic! The show will start at about 3 p.m.

Those of you who have purchased the albums, remember to send in your form for a chance to win passes to the event! Admission is only for those with passes, and these are given to those who are selected via lucky draw. So hurry! I had send in mine last week! :P

I'll let you know more once I have more confirmed details

(Razlan's note: To buyers of album through TaufikBatisah.net, this would mean that your album might be deliver earlier than expected - between 22nd to 26th. I will be in touch again with more info close to the date. I know you guys can't wait, but think of the autograph!

A message from Taufik on CDANS Show

Taufik would like to thank all fans who made their way to Bukit Batok last Saturday to support him in the name of a good cause. He would like to apologise to fans who might feel disappointed as he is unable to sign autograph on your albums prior to this showcase. This is a directive from his management. Taufik knows his fans are an understanding lot and he is very grateful for all the care and concern you have given him. Taufik is truly touched.

Awwww..... =)

Okay, so the messenger boy has done his job. Time now for bed! Good night, Taufik-eds!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Local Stations Boycotting Taufik?

The news and various online groups are hot with the debate - are local stations boycotting Taufik?

I'm sure many fans here have differing theories and opinions. Many have expressed disgusts over the issue; some are merely puzzled, and others shrug it off as, I quote, "media imbeciles"

As the owner of this site, I am inclined to take a neutral position in delivering information to you, and reserve my personal opinion to myself. That, I will honor. But you, as Taufik-ed fans, have the right to know some hard facts and form your own judgements.

Here are some information you may be interested in:

Background: Taufik was invited to attend the Anugerah Planey Muzik (APM), the equivalent of "Grammy Awards" for the Malay music industry. Citing NS duties and obligations, Hype Records had declined the invitation. In response, Ms. Zakiah Halim, a senior executive in Malay and Indian radio programming for MediaCorp, has apparently issued directives to DJs and programme hosts not to air Taufik's songs or interview him.

Fact #1: Hype Records has earlier on declined a separate invitation for Taufik to sing at Tiger Cup's final, citing similar reasons
Fact #2: Taufik is currently working at least 12 hours a day for his NS duties, more than normal hours to replace the hours off taken during the Idol contest and subsequent media appearances
Fact #3: Ms. Zakiah Halim has direct control over programme content of the radio shows
Fact #4: Ria and Warna had previously been airing Taufik's songs almost everyday

Qns #1: What are the exact procedures for Taufik to take time off his duties? Would it be flexible enough to accomodate erractic and last-minute schedule of media programme?
Qns #2: What is the actual reason for banning Taufik's songs?
Qns #3: Would such a ban be linked to Taufik's inability to attend APM?
Qns #4: How would Taufik's public image be affected by (i) his inability to attend APM?; and (ii) the ban of his songs on air?
Qns #5: What can Hype Records do to resolve this issue?

You have the background, the facts, and the questions to ask. Please speak up, and ensure your opinions are heard.

Full scope of the story in today's New Paper. As usual, don't believe 100% of everything you read.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The one when everyone should take note of PIRACY

Dear Taufik-eds,

I knew that there was a contraversial piece of news in Berita Harian today, but I did not manage to get hold of the newspaper. Why is Malay newspaper so difficult to find? Anyway, my attention was on another issue altogether, and I thought I should do something about it as well.

It is about PIRACY.

Taufik's album, "Blessings" has achieved the GOLD status even before it was launched, having sold more than 10,000 copies in pre-sales orders.

While we all rejoice such fantastic news, it won't be long before copies of his songs (MP3 etc.) will make its rounds on Kazaa, school network, and even email (with Gmail's 1 GB capacity and Yahoo's 200 MB). Unless we take a firm stand in stopping piracy in its tracks, Taufik's coveted GOLD status will be a thing of past.

How can you make a difference? Say NO to piracy! You can make it happen if all Taufik-ed fans do our bit. Join TaufikBatisah.net's "Support Anti-Piracy!" campaign!

Say NO to Piracy!

Some other updates: Taufik's performance at CDANS was reported in the news today. Also, if you have certain questions pertaining to this site and Taufik, please visit the FAQ section. No, it is not that I don't like to hear from you and reply your emails, but handling hundreds of emails a day is no joke.

Oh, I have also send out this week newsletter. An email with important information to all album buyers had been sent out as well. Please call/sms/email me if you didn't receive the email. Previous mass mailing experience not very good, eh?

Alright then. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to put up more news. I might just have some surprise in store for you =)

So long!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

The one when Raz doesn't know where to get started

(This is absolutely phenomenal. So many things happened for the past 48 hours, and I missed all the actions, and I don't know how to get started! Ok, one thing at a time....)

Dear Taufik-eds!

It was with my utmost pleasure to report to you two of the BUSIEST and MOST HAPPENING days in TaufikBatisah.net's history!

Launch of Blessings: Selling, selling, Sold Out!

Barely 24 hours after hitting the shelf, Taufik's debut album "Blessings" was reportedly sold out at various music stores islandwide! difflam74 from The Taufik-ed Forum gave some on-the-move information: "I have visited three different stores in Tampines Mall and Century Squares today and all of them no longer have any stocks for Blessings!"

Somewhat weird for us to feel happy to be disappointed. But not all is well with fans who have pre-ordered their albums. Said one forum-er: "I went to the outlet at Jurong Point and they say Taufik's album is not here yet and it is afternoon already!" Indeed, there seems to be some glitches in the delivery of order islandwide for Taufik's debut album.

(By the way, a new gallery has been set up! Click the picture to visit scan outs of Blessing, the entire package!)

Taufik Blessings

Downtown Orchard was in an uproar yesterday evening as fans stormed various stores where Taufik will be making special appearances. The Taufik-ed team survived the ordeal and will be back with reports + photos soon. Meanwhile, drop by our Taufik-ed League Forum for bits of juicy (and some not so juicy) reports from Taufik's mini tour yesterday!

Tsunami Fund-Raising: Body Combat Challenge

It was absolute mayhem at CDANS today. The crowd was not very big, but hordes of Taufik-ed fans stormed the ground in a roaring show of support for Taufik!

Atiqah, owner of Taufik-B.net was there today, and from the multiple SMS-es she sent out, the show (or rather, Taufik) was absolutely thrilling!

"Taufik is HOTTT! Sang Me & Mrs. Jones" a very enthusiastic Atiqah reported. Later on: "Show ended with Taufik doing a body combat exercise with everyone, except for the fans who stood by to watch him... and he sang I Dream too! Fans were singing along, screaming his name and trying to get good shots of him..."

Thanks to her, we have some photos from the event to show!

Other News Update

There were a number of coverage on Taufik in the media the past few days, but I don't want to write too long. But I gotta mention this: part of the letter sent out by Nur Farhana on TaufikBatisah.net's behalf was published in Straits Times! Although HMV has since then rectified the "oversight", it is great that we have voiced opinion to the media. Thanks again Ana for such a great piece!

Other news on Taufik in the papers:

- Living The Dream
- First gold for a local English album in a decade!
- Taufik Cover-Up in Berita Harian (thanks to Juliana for sending in this piece!

Alright, that's all folks!

Friday, January 14, 2005

The one when Raz felt so grateful

Today is my "blessing"...

Okay, so I shouldn't use such a strong word, because I am not implying that Taufik "blessed" me when he mentioned my name in his Thank You List, but.... I can't help it! I was so shocked when Kak Leza told me, I almost choked on my dinner! *gasp* I didn't expect it, and my set of CD (bought from Orchard Sembawang) was still in its wrapping inside my bad. Man.... I am going to soooooo kill Taufik! Imagine.... my name, in 10,000 + copies all over the island, printed permanently in the first local English album to hit Gold...

I was mentioned in his debut album!

I think this is the ultimate recognition and reward Taufik can give me. Thank you, dude. You one hell of a cool guy.

Anyway! I digressed! Talked too much. Heh, so here are the updates for today:

Launch of "Blessings"

So the day had come when once again, the entire island is swept up in a swoop of Idol fever. Taufik's debut album finally hit the shelf, much to the delight of fans who had pre-ordered the album almost a month ago

And, boy, are they in for a treat! From crowd favorites like "Let's Stay Together" and "Me & Mrs. Jones" to brand new track "One Less" to the Singapore Idol single, "I Dream", Taufik did not disappoint. In fact, his talent, his dedication to his works and his outpouring love especially to his mom are living legends why he is the Singapore Idol

At music stores in town, crowds of hysterical fans both young and old couldn't control their excitement when they get to see their Idol, again! Who says only Sly camp can scream?

The Taufik-ed League Coverage Team for the day, including Sahara, Buffy, Junaidah, Sophie and their friends from the Taufik-ed League Forum covered the various hot-spots to get some real scoop on the scoop! Watch out for their news (and hopefully some photos) tomorrow on this site!

A glimpse into what happened tonight. Mr. Zulkarnain (zulkar9 in the forum, and owner of TaufikOnline.com) was on the ground at Carrefour, Suntec City.

"It was absolutely crazy," a flusterred Zul quipped. "The fans went crazy screaming. I even saw a girl got trampled on, and another fainted! It was so scary!"

Indeed. But think of it - who else in Singapore's history can make the crowd go that wild?

Taufik's Performance @ CDANS

As you enjoy yourself with Taufik's wonderful album, don't forget there are other people who are less "blessed" then we all are. The Asian Tsunami victims are struggling for survival right at this moment as you read this sentence.

To raise fund for the disaster relief fund, Taufik will be stepping forward to put his talent to good use. He will be performing in a special concert performance at CDANS, organized by the Police Force tomorrow. The details are as follow:

Date : 15th January 2005
Time : 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Venue : CDANS, Bukit Batok (view location map) (CDANS website)
Theme : In aid of the Asian Tsunami Victim

Message from Taufik: "I can't help but to feel for the unfortunate victims of the disaster. I hope my fans will rise to the occassion and do their part in this charity concert. Not only to support me, but coming down for a good cause as well."

It was previously planned in the forum that Taufik-ed fans will get together to do something worthy to aid the tsunami victims and support Taufik at the same time! Fans have been signing up at the guestbook on their attendance for tomorrow.

(Raz's Note: Taufik-eds, please support the event, and tell me your experience and take LOADS of photos ok? I have classes so not able to attend)

Updates on TaufikBatisah.net

TaufikBatisah.net is officially working again! I have made a huge mistake accusing Yahoo! Domains, and I have to apologise to them for my nasty emails. Anyway, for now the FTP is not working yet, but once everything is in order, you will see this whole site on a brand name web space!

To my fellow bloggers of the Taufik-ed Network, I'll start involving you when this is up and happening, ok? Paiseh for the delay :)

In my desperation to make this site work, I bought TaufikBatisah.ws as well. If anyone access that site, he or she will be redirected to here as well.

Ok then. New images will be uploaded once a new image system is installed on TaufikBatisah.net. Till tomorrow - stay Taufik-ed, everyone!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Blessings" - It's finally here!

(Razlan's Note: This is my first attempt in something like a journalist's feature. Pardon the quality eh :P Also, I will be putting up Taufik's official biography and press releases from BMG tonight. Thought I should do up this article before I forget anything. Yes, this is not from any newspaper/magazine - I did it up myself. You'll see similar features tomorrow in national dailies =))

Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah's debut album will hit the market tomorrow (Friday, 14th January)
By Razlan, TaufikBatisah.net

Taufik's new album, titled "Blessings", will be on shelves at music stores islandwide tomorrow. His strong will and tireless effort to produce the album despite his National Service commitment and various media appearances had not been in vain - pre-sales figure for Taufik's album has hit more than 10,000 copies, a big feat in local music industry.

News had it that Hype Records and Sony-BMG, his management and record label, are aiming for platinum record. Responding to the good news in awe, Taufik was speechless for a moment before muttering a happy "Wow!"

"Blessings" is reputedly the first local English album to achieve gold record for the past 10 years.

What you are in for

Media at the press conference held at Royal Plaza Hotel today (including this blogger) was in for a real treat as several clips of selected pieces from a repertoire of 11 songs in his album were played (see list at end of article). Taufik's fans will rejoice tomorrow as the album contains original R&B pieces as well as Taufik's selections for Singapore Idol, the 6-month long contest that brought him to fame.

Here's (an amateurish) review for the pieces:

Backup Against the Wall
A club dance track, this has a snappy tempo, very Taufik-ish... you can't help swinging your leg to its tune!

Let's Stay Together
Claimed by Florence Lian, one of the Singapore Idol judges as his best performance, the song has been completely rearranged - less "noisy" (remember Dick Lee?) - Taufik's voice came out nice and clear

All for Love
Written by Ken Lim (Director of Hype, also a Singapore Idol judge), this brand new piece features Taufik's falsetto capability really well!

Me & Mrs. Jones
All Mrs. Taufik wanna-bes, scream! Taufik is back with this sexy rendition in a somewhat very jazzy, relaxed mood.

One Last
I can't describe this song in words. Easily the best in the album, one that will set the chart on fire, soaring through the rank and tug at your heartstrings. That was until I heard...

That's Malay for "mother". Specially dedicated to Madam Batisah, Taufik was said to be so emotional during the recordings. It was his tribute to his mum - talk about being a filial son!

Taufik on inspiration, blessings and friendship

When "Ibu" was played (you'll definitely be able to recognise the main tune), Taufik was seen chewing his fingers again - a sign that he was nervous and trying not to shed tears. Honestly, this guy gotta be one of the most sentimental and emotive that you'll ever know.

"My mum is my Idol" said an emotional Taufik. "She has been an inspiration to me, and I want to take care of her for all that she has done for me"

Why "Blessings"?

"I feel very blessed and grateful to be where I am now. It was an opportunity for me to show and share my talent.. (10 years ago) I thought being a singer will forever remain a dream. I never thought one day, I'll be sitting in a room with so many journalists doing my own conference" said Taufik with a laugh.

Asked on his taken on friendship, Taufik said "There are two kinds of friends. One is acquintance - the type that you say hi and bye to. The other are real friends. They are there for you no matter who you are, and support you in whatever you are going through. To my friends, I want to thank you for believing in me"

On life being an Idol

"It has been tough to juggle between NS, performances and time with family and friends" Taufik said. But he stressed his team (at Hype Records) had been very supporting. "They'll arrange my schedule so that I will have off-time for my family.... What I mean is, they did cut me some slack!"

For Taufik, who will be completing his NS in October 2005, his NS life has been very much unchanged. "My superiors still treat me the same. They had been very understanding on my Idol commitments, but frankly, nothing much has changed."

Idol-fame can come at a price.

Asked if he still take public transport, he said: "Yeah, sure I do. I take taxi." Laughingly he added: "Nowadays I don't really take public transport. I mean, I don't mind being recognised. But what if there's someone (is annoyed) with the commotion? Worse, what if someone doesn't like me?"

But for Taufik, being popular has more high moments than low. Recounting on an experience while on NS duty: "It was night time, and I was in front of Paragon in my uniform (complete with the cap). Suddenly someone turned to me and asked me to take photo. I said: sure! Not long after, a crowd start to form right there. It was like.... a press conference!"

Is the rumuor true that he is earning loads of money? "I didn't take any of the (performance and endorsement) fees because of NS," he added. "Hype uses it to finance his promotion and stuff. They take care of me really well"

Something like a piggy bank? "Yeah!"

On the recent tsunami

"You can't help but feel for the victims" Taufik said somberly. He will be performing in aid of the disaster victim this Saturday at Cdans Bukit Batok in a performance organized by the Police Force. "It's the least I can do, and I hope my fans will come and support me and contribute to a worthy cost"

"Blessings" will be available tomorrow. All pre-sales buyers can claim their CDs at the outlet which they brought it from. Taufik will also be making the rounds at several music stores in town to meet fans and give out the CDs personally. Click here to find out how can be a part of the Taufik-ed Coverage Team tomorrow!

Do catch Taufik in action at Cdans Bukit Batok on Saturday at 2 p.m. Join the discussion on how fans can come together to do your part for the tsunami relief and support Taufik. The concert is open to public and admission is free. - TB.net

Click here to view photos from the press conference

Complete song list:
One Last
Me & Mrs. Jones
Backup Against The Wall
Let's Stay Together
Close 2 U
Missing You Always
All The Love
I Dream

Get Ready to be Taufik-ed!

You've seen the performances
You've heard the voice
You've cast the vote
Now, experience "Blessings", the long-awaited debut album
from your Singapore Idol, Taufik Batisah

Some teasers for you from his album launch press conference. Will update more tonight!

Song List: One Last, Me & Mrs. Jones, Backup Against The Wall, Let's Saty Together, September, Supersition, Close 2 U, Missing You Always, All The Love, I Dream, Ibu

Get Ready to Get Taufik-ed!

Get Ready to Get Taufik-ed!

Get Ready to Get Taufik-ed!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The one where Raz gets very agitated!

I am just too agitated today to update anything.

Sure, the random monitoring of Taufik-ed emails and forum postings had been inspiring. I was looking forwards to a night of productive study, blogs update and some other online stuff that I am doing.

I thought, "Before I start studying (exams are 3 weeks away!), I better write to Yahoo! Domain again"

You see, I have a problem with Yahoo! system. Our domain name, TaufikBatisah.net has been purchased sometime before, and was redirected here. Later on, I decided to get a proper hosting package, and set the Yahoo! system to "point" the URL to this hosting provider.

Nothing happened. Zilch. It has been almost a month. I wrote to Yahoo! customer support, and... cutting the long story short, I made a major complaint. I think you guys deserve better!

So, I have decided to get another domain to use. Just bought "TaufikBatisah.XXX" (don't access yet, it is not ready. if you try you will get some funny ads!). But no worries, Taufik-eds. You can continue to use TaufikBatisah.net to access this blog!

Those who have emailed, dropped a message in the guestbook, responded to the few threads I started in the forum... my apologies for the delayed response.

Will be back tomorrow - with more updates! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The one when we got to know Taufik is performing to aid tsunami victims!

Taufik's Performance in Aid of Tsunami Victim

Taufik's Performance in Aid of Tsunami Victim

Taufik will be performing this Saturday at Cdans Country Club Bukit Batok this Saturday, 15th January 2005 at 2 p.m., one day after this debut album launch! The concert is to raise fund in aid of the tsunami victims. Taufik will be there throughout the show.

The concert is open to public. Admission is free-of-charge This concert is organized by the Police Force and may not be well publicised.

Click here for the location map. The venue is right next to the Bukit Batok Driving School.

As Taufik-ed fans, I believe we should all come forward and contribute to the tsunami aid fund, and at the same time show our support to Taufik. I mean, you get to kill two birds with one stone! I have some ideas, which I am throwing around for some brainstorming in the forum. Come on people, this is a chance for you to see the man in action again!

If you are coming, do drop a message here, so we know how big a crowd we'll have!

Taufik's Debut Album Launch

As mentioned in previous post, Taufik's debut album will be launched this Friday, 14th Jnaury 2005! Remember to dig out the receipt. Have you send off your lucky draw form yet? Do so, as the forms must reach Sony-BMG office by 14th January! Don't miss out a chance to meet Taufik during his Thank-You/Signing party. =)

By the way, I am still looking for volunteers for Taufik's album launch "mini tour" this Friday in town area. Join the Taufik-ed Coverage Team, and be part of the excitement!

More Contraversy on "I Dream" MTV

On a similar note, did you read the new paper today?

Taufik's MTV original idea

The first MTV setting in a pub was cancelled by MediaCorp due to some "unforeseen circumstances". Today The New Paper has the behind story. No, not the real reason for the plug-pulling, but the comments from various people involved. Check out the full news in our news blog

Yet on the same topic, TODAY also has a small feature on Taufik's debut MTV. Totally light-hearted compared to the TNP piece. You see how the media manipulate the same story?

There are some small updates here and there - you guys gotta find out yourself, heh. Good night!

Monday, January 10, 2005

The one where everyone is excited on the debut album

Hi all,

Yesterday, the first newsletter for The Taufik-ed League Mailing List has been sent out! If you have subscribed, but did not receive it, please log on to your Google account. You can still subscribe to the mailing list by completing a few simple steps.

Now, a few announcements for today:

Autographed Taufik's Album

Buyers for the autographed debut album who had made payment (cash, ATM transfer, Internet Banking or PayPal) have been contacted through email. Please check your inbox for more information. If you have placed order, made payment but did not receive the email, please email me as soon as possible.

For those of you intending to buy the autographed albums - I am sorry but the sales has been closed. The details have been passed on, and I am no longer taking new orders. But, fret not, because...

Extended Pre-Sales at Major Music Stores!

The pre-sales order deadline has been extended to 13th January (Thursday), one day before the actual album release! So if you have not place any advanced order, drop by at your nearest music store today!

On the actual launch date (14th January), Taufik will be making the rounds in town areas. Note down the date and the following schedule - you're gonna need it if you want to do some Idol-chasing!

5.00 p.m.: CD Rama (Orchard MRT)
5.30 p.m.: Gramophone (Paragon)
6.00 p.m.: HMV (Hereen)
6.30 p.m.: Sembawang Music Centre (Orchard Cineleisure)
7.00 p.m.: Music Junction (Plaza Singapura)
7.30 p.m.: Carrefour (Suntec City)

Now, remember to cheer and support your Idol, but must be civilised, hor!

Flashback: Is this how you promote your idol?

Some of us may still remember the incident where HMV pasted their price sticker over Taufik's face on the pre-sales package. The Taufik-ed League has decided to take action. With the help of Nur Farhana, the following "complaint" will be sent to Straits Times, The New Paper and TODAY.

"I am dismayed at the disconcerting way HMV record store is handling Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah’s pre-sale package. I noticed the store has placed its price tag sticker on the top right hand corner of the package, completely blocked the artiste’s entire face.

First appearances counts, and in this issue the depiction of Taufik’s face matters most. If I were a customer browsing through a CD shop, I would naturally be inclined to look at a CD with an attractive packaging and the artiste’s face clearly shown. However, with Taufik’s face completely obliterated, it would hardly do justice to his promotion and sales of album.

Granted, most of the buyers will be fans convinced by his talent. But we are talking about marketability here. HMV is patronized by tourists and foreigners and we need to ‘sell’ and showcase our very own Singapore Idol to them. With such careless packaging, our outreach to non-fans and foreigners will be compromised with such disgraceful packaging.

While I concede that price stickers are pasted on the same spot for other CDs in the store, I still believe some basic discretion and initiative should be exercised. HMV should make the extra effort in packaging their good appropriately and not by default. Surely the Singapore Idol CD can be made an exception?

It is not only demeaning to Taufik, who represents a Singapore ambassador, but it also reflects on the cavalier attitude of the concerned promotion party. I would like to offer a simple analogy. How would the nation react if our Prime Minister appeared on the cover of a magazine and the magazine’s price tag on the plastic cover ‘coincidentally’ covered his entire face?

I hope HMV’s management will look into this matter and rectify the problem immediately.

Yours Sincerely,
Nur Farhana Abd Kader
On behalf of http://www.TaufikBatisah.net"

Thanks to Ana for penning such a wonderful letter!

What's Next?

In view of the upcoming launch of album, I would very much want to cover the event. However I will not be able to due to working commitments. Therefore, I would need YOU to help out by joining the Taufik-ed League Coverage Team! You can visit this forum thread to begin discussion!

Some other parts of this blog network has been updated as well. Just surf around, ok? Have fun people, and stay Taufik-ed! =)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The one when Raz has lots of updates

Dear Taufik-eds,

Finally I am done with both my Advertising and PR projects! As I mentioned in my previous blog posting, my PR project was on Taufik. I will be sharing out the content of the project and ask for your feedback, as I think some of the ideas I have can actually be carried. Right here on this site!

Taufik's debut album out this coming Friday, 14th Jan 2005!

Yes, it is finally out! I can't find my lucky draw ticket form, damn... but I am sure there is a deadline for those of you advanced order-ed from music stores. If you have not send in your form, do it now!

For those of you who place your order with me, I will be emailing you by end of this weekend with more information on when you will get your CDs. Taufik is aware that TaufikBatisah.net has collected about 100 orders for his debut albums! You gotta be proud of yourself, Taufik-eds!

On Tsunami Relief Effort

Idols Duet for Tsunami Victims

In Straits Times today, it was reported that Taufik and Sly will sing a duet in aid of tsunami victims. What's more - the song will be composed by Sly himself! Do you remember how Taufik shared his limelight with Sly after he was crowned on 1st December? I thought that duet version of "I Dream" is awesome! R&B + Rock! I am looking forward to this new song :)

By the way, I have been thinking - the tsunami victims need lots of help and aid in rebuilding their homes. While many of us have the right intention, we may not have the right skills to offer them, or we offered at the wrong time. I am wondering, is there anything for us, avid online bloggers, can do to help? I mean, besides the Tsunami Blog that we are having, what else can we do? If you have any idea, please tell me here in the forum, ok?

New Gallery! StarHub Hi-Tea (18th December)

I was surfing back to the official StarHub site when I saw all these pics - immediately upload them and here they are! :)

StarHub Hi-Tea StarHub Hi-Tea StarHub Hi-Tea StarHub Hi-Tea

You can view the album here

New Videos!

Okay, here are some new videos. And for the last time: no, I don't have these clips so you can't download from me, and no, I can't tell you the code. You gotta learn a bit of HTML and you'll know how to get it, ok? And if you really want to download videos, go to our "partner" blog, who always have lots of videos!

Some of the new videos I have updated in our Video Blog include Stronger, the finalist medleys, That's What Friends Are For, The Reason and All For Love. Hmmm... can someone type or send me the lyrics of these songs, as sung in these videos? It will be much appreciated!

And finally, Taufik-eds, if I have delayed in replying to your emails, don't worry. Usually I read your email immediately and reply on the spot if I can; but if I can't, I will "bookmark" it to reply later. Urgent emails will be responded to immediately. And I'm sorry too that I can't follow the comments threads on blogs and forum threads closely. So if I seems "dao"... don't think of me that way ok? Chances are I am just too tied up.

Alright, time to sleep. And read Shopaholic Ties the Knot for the 2nd time. I love the series! :P

Oh, and to those of you who actually doubted Taufik, read what Taufik got to say about the tabloid's news! Like I said, don't believe everything you read!