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Monday, January 31, 2005

The on when Raz "Is Not Stupid"

Hi all!

Nothing much to update today. Hype Records have yet to get back to me on the exact prize to be given out for the Name The FanClub contest - I guess Taufik has yet to make up his mind! Fret now - we have a winner! At a whopping 50.7% of total votes! Obviously I can't say anything for now - but once I have heard from Taufik's team, I'll put it up right here!

Alright, thanks to Liznadia for the scans from Lifestyle magazine. Also thanks to Michael for setting up the pretition for World Idol 2.

Alright side track a bit.

I have been taking a break today (after my exams this afternoon) laughing myself to "I Not Stupid". Anyone still remember the movie? The story about how three kids struggled in Singapore's "restrictive" education system, and how their families interact with each other. It can easily be disguised as a comedy, but is it only me or is there anyone else detect the many "political undertone" in the movie?

I laughed and cried with the movie. Call me lame but damn this is one hell of a story! Does anyone feel the same way as me? Let's share in our forum.

Sorry for the detour, hor, but must do some other things, if not very boring one, leh :P