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Monday, January 24, 2005

The one when Raz is flooded with emails

Hi Taufik-eds!

This is a late night entry. Okay, not exactly very late, but late enough by my usual standard in updating the site.

A note to all buyers of "Blessings" through TaufikBatisah.net: My apologies if I am unable to respond to all your emails personally, but there were so many! Taufik is currently in the process of signing the albums, and once he is done, we'll immediately despatch to all buyers. I hope to send all orders out by Thursday. Okay?

Taufik in the News

Over the weekends there are some news on Taufik in the Malay daily Berita Minggu. Thanks to Julianah who took the trouble to send in the these news! Also, there is a piece written by my ex-section leader (I was a trombonist with NTUSB), though i am not sure where it was published. Hehe...

- Count Your Blessings...
- Taufik Kini Layak Dapat Anugerah Platinum
- Wak: Sabarlah Taufik

Great reads, if you understand Malay!

Taufik's CD Available Online

CDRAMA has made Taufik's album available through online sales! Spread the word around, especially to your overseas friends. Click the logo below to go to the site for purchase. The CD is priced at S$16.95 excluding delivery charges.
Taufik's CD Available Online

Thank You Party Gallery Updated

The gallery for last Saturday's party has been updated with more contributions - this time from Eric. Thanks dude!

That's all folks for tonight!


At 4:40 PM, Blogger ahlina said...

erm......how cum wen i bought the pre-sale it only cost $16.95 but then aft the pre-sale,i visited one music cd store at yew tee station n the album cost $19.95[close to $20..]...how cum ar?is the price suppose to increase?


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