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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The one when finally Raz reveils...

Hello Taufik-eds!

I have been keeping silent lately, mainly due to exams and also the "new blog" that I am telling you about. Now, here are the few things you all are dying to know!

Winner of Name-the-FanClub Contest!

I am proud to announce that Rizal Isaac is the eventual winner of the "Name The Fan Club" contest! His entry, "Fiknatic" has won him a personally autographed leather bracelet strap specially purchased by Taufik. Congrats, Rizal!

Here are the results' statistic:
Winner: Fiknatic - 133 out of 263 (50.6%)

Get Taufik-ed - 43 out of 263 (16.3%)
Simply Taufik - 40 out of 263 (15.2%)
Fiked-Out - 24 out of 263 (9.1%)
Totally Fiked-out - 23 out of 263 (8.7%)

The Official Fan Club Revealed

"Fiknatic", the official Taufik Batisah's fan club is endorsed by Artiste Management of Hype Records. Now you can begin to register to become an official member! As a member of "Fiknatic", you are entitled to the following membership benefits:

- Taufik's latest (and first-hand) information
- Taufik's fans specialties
- Exclusive Swatch offers and privileges
- VIP invitations to special events
- Priority to purchase the limited edition special packaging designed by Taufik!

What's more - become a member today and receive a Fiknatic Welcome Pack that includes a $20 product voucher from Swatch, membership card and a Swatch catalogue!

You can view the official press release here, or visit this link to register for Fiknatic!

Now, what does it mean for this site?

TaufikBatisah.net - Official Taufik Batisah's website

TaufikBatisah.net is official endorsed by Artiste Management as the official website of Taufik! In conjunction with that, I have painstakingly move all the content to a totally new site!


The site is still under construction at various places, but there you have it! The official site!

That will also spell the demise of this particular main blog, and all other blogs hoster under BlogSpot.com. So if you have linked to any of this blogs from your site, please update your links/bookmarks!

That's all folks. It had been a LONG night.

Monday, January 31, 2005

The on when Raz "Is Not Stupid"

Hi all!

Nothing much to update today. Hype Records have yet to get back to me on the exact prize to be given out for the Name The FanClub contest - I guess Taufik has yet to make up his mind! Fret now - we have a winner! At a whopping 50.7% of total votes! Obviously I can't say anything for now - but once I have heard from Taufik's team, I'll put it up right here!

Alright, thanks to Liznadia for the scans from Lifestyle magazine. Also thanks to Michael for setting up the pretition for World Idol 2.

Alright side track a bit.

I have been taking a break today (after my exams this afternoon) laughing myself to "I Not Stupid". Anyone still remember the movie? The story about how three kids struggled in Singapore's "restrictive" education system, and how their families interact with each other. It can easily be disguised as a comedy, but is it only me or is there anyone else detect the many "political undertone" in the movie?

I laughed and cried with the movie. Call me lame but damn this is one hell of a story! Does anyone feel the same way as me? Let's share in our forum.

Sorry for the detour, hor, but must do some other things, if not very boring one, leh :P

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The one when Raz is whirlwind-ed

The past week has been an absolute tsunami for me (pun intended)! With the surmounting planning tasks for the site, my increasing responsibilities at work and my upcoming exams.... breathe, Raz, breathe. That's what I have been telling myself all week.

And if you noticed the seemingly lack of updates on the site - that's not because I'm not working on the blogs. In fact, my pace has quicken to double the speed, because I have been populating the content for some other Taufik-related blogs (pause for effect). Yeah, you guessed it right. New things are coming up. Real soon too!

As of press time (I love to use this phrase!), the official results for the fanclub name voting is not finalised yet. I have ended the voting, but gotta tell you this - the winner leads the rest of the entries by at least 50%! That percentage made me think of the margin of which Taufik won Singapore Idol! Haha... anyway, I am passing everything to Artiste Management, and the official results will be announced soon.

Just though of letting you know this - I have also created www.AmericanIdol4.net to capture the fever for the original Idol fever! Do drop by for a visit yeah?

That's all for the week, folks!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

The one when (finally) all CDs have been sent out

Dear Taufik-eds!

Finally! All CDs have been sent out to all buyers! You should be receiving your copies by Saturday the latest, and sometime next week for Malaysian buyers. And I got a surprised for you in the package! No, it is more than just Taufik's autograph! =)

Name-the-FanClub Contest!

I listed one of the entry wrongly. So sorry people. It should be "Fiknatic", not "Fiknatik" as listed before. So sorry! But the poll will continue, and you can do so here

Simply Taufik
Get Taufik-ed
Fiknatic (Updated!)
Totally Fiked-out

S'pore Poly Open House

Here you go, another Taufik's appearance! Here's the details:
What: Taufik's Special Appearance@ S'pore Poly Open House
Date: Saturday, 5th Feb 05
Time: 12.30 to 1.30pm (during Lunch Time Concert at SP's Open House)
Where: S'pore Poly Convention Centre, next to Dover MRT station (same venue as his 22 Jan Thank-You party)

Taufik is worried that the last minute change in date may result in poor attendance. Prove him wrong!! Keep up to date on Taufik's schedule by going to the forum's calendar.

Taufik-ed Gallery - Updated!

More contribution from Taufik-ed Fans - this time from Kim! View the Taufik-ed Gallery on last Saturday's Thank-You Party.

More News on Taufik

The truth about Ibu
Malay song on Taufik's album was written by Ahmad Jaafar and Sharif Rahman, not P. Ramlee - Read more...

Terharu IBU jadi pilihan Taufik tetapi....
Apabila mendapat tahu Taufik Batisah menyertakan lagu IBU dalam album sulungnya, keluarga penggubah veteran Haji Ahmad Jaafar rasa terharu dan bangga - Read more...

NEW! Get Live MSN Alert

Decided to try out this new service. Now you can get Live Alert on MSN Messenger whenever TaufikBatisah.net is updated. Just look at the top right column to sign up.

Alright. It had been a long day. And thank goodness I am on leave tomorrow! Till then =)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The one when everyone gets to vote!

Dear Taufik-eds!

What a day this is going to be! First, Taufik was featured "big-big" right at the front page of TODAY! It was part of MediaCorp advertisement for their upcoming programmes, one of which is a drama series starring all 11 Idol finalists.

How cool is that! =)

Secondly, Taufik's autographed albums will be delivered to me soon, and once I got them packed up, I'll be able to send them off by this evening! If that's the case, you'll get your ordered CDs by this Friday!

And finally - Taufik has made his selection of the top 5 names for his official fan club! Hype Records sent this to me today, and here are the names choosen by the man himself!

Simply Taufik
Get Taufik-ed
Totally Fiked-out

If one of these names was suggested by you - congratulations!

Now, here's your chance to have a say in naming your very own fan club for Taufik. Vote for the one that you like the best, and the name with the most votes will be THE name of the official fan club, and the person who suggest it will win a personalised gift from Taufik!

Only one vote per fan please. Click on the banner to vote now!

Vote now!

Voting close this Sunday, 30th January. =)