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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The one when everyone gets to vote!

Dear Taufik-eds!

What a day this is going to be! First, Taufik was featured "big-big" right at the front page of TODAY! It was part of MediaCorp advertisement for their upcoming programmes, one of which is a drama series starring all 11 Idol finalists.

How cool is that! =)

Secondly, Taufik's autographed albums will be delivered to me soon, and once I got them packed up, I'll be able to send them off by this evening! If that's the case, you'll get your ordered CDs by this Friday!

And finally - Taufik has made his selection of the top 5 names for his official fan club! Hype Records sent this to me today, and here are the names choosen by the man himself!

Simply Taufik
Get Taufik-ed
Totally Fiked-out

If one of these names was suggested by you - congratulations!

Now, here's your chance to have a say in naming your very own fan club for Taufik. Vote for the one that you like the best, and the name with the most votes will be THE name of the official fan club, and the person who suggest it will win a personalised gift from Taufik!

Only one vote per fan please. Click on the banner to vote now!

Vote now!

Voting close this Sunday, 30th January. =)


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