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Sunday, January 23, 2005

The one when Raz is setting up another site!

Hi Taufik-eds!

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the Name-the-FanClub contest! Submission is officially close. I am sure Taufik will have his hand full trying to pick only 5 out of the 81 entries submitted. Once I have his selection, I'll put it up here for voting!

Now, some updates for today. I have sent out this week's newsletter with the big news - Taufik's debut album has reached the 24,000 mark and counting! This makes him a Platinum award winner. Sony-BMG is confident he'll hit the Double Platinum, making him the first local English artiste to achieve that mark.

Go Taufik!

There's also news on the auction for posters of Taufik and Sylvester for charity. Check out the news!

New photos have been uploaded for both the Thank You Party @ Singapore Poly as well as those gorgeous pics at the Singapore Idol Final Showdown galleries.

Alrighty, I have also created another Idol-related site! Do check out the AmericanIdol4.net, specially built for Singapore's AMI fans!

That's all, folks! And have a great weekend ahead!


At 9:00 PM, Blogger ~Ru*S~ said...

erm hi der..can i u smth..hoe u got to know Taufik ah..??? i hope u can answer my questions..hehe..i have been trying to meet with him but luck seem to be not on my side...


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