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Saturday, January 22, 2005

The one when Taufik is eyeing a DOUBLE Platinum!

"What if he doesn't recognise me?"

It was almost 6 p.m., and the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Hall is almost empty, except for the few fans (including yours truly) who was unlucky enough to be the last few to go on stage and meet the soul man himself.

And I was suddenly gripped by an unknown fear. "Oh damn, it will be damn embarassing if he can't recognise me!" I thought to myself as I approached the table.

"Sorry, if you want to take pictures you'll need to stand next to the lady in white," the bouncer pointed to my camera and gestured to the lady in question some steps away from the table.

I gingerly took my spot to take the photographer spot to take a good shot of Eric (hey dude, nice meeting you!) talking to Taufik.

Suddenly Taufik looked up, saw me and instantly his eyes lit up in recognition. "Hey Razlan, it's you!"

I couldn't help it but blurted, "Oh my, he remembered me!"

It was like two friends meeting again after a long time. Indeed, it was a "Blessings"!

The Party Invite!

Of Blessings

The hall was filled with some 1000 eager fans who were there by a lucky stroke of fate, having passes to the event. Indeed, Taufik's "Thank You & Signing" party is more than just another meet-the-fan session.

It was revealed in the show that his debut album, "Blessings" have hit more than 24,000 copies in sales and counting!"

That made him a Platinum award winner, and if the album hit 30,000 copies, Taufik will make history as the first English album artiste to achieve a DOUBLE platinum in Singapore.

A Day for His Fans

"I'm nothing without you guys," Taufik repeatedly said to his fans. "Thank you for believing in me and making my dreams come true."

Taufik once again paid tribute to dear mummy, who rose to the occasion, took a slight bow towards the 1000-strong audience who roared their approval with thunderous applause.

The fans further took the spotlight with a "fans conference". Many took the chance to ask him whatever you can think of, including his "relationship" with Leandra.

"I enjoy reading about myself in the paper," Taufik said with a dead-panned expression. "The media can really blow things out of porpotion; but please, continue to write more on me"

I must say - his media savviness is worth admiring. He completely avoided the question and took a pot shot at the press in the process! But all in attendance knew one thing for sure - never took the media seriously. Including the rumoured romance between the two Idol finalists.

Taufik Wannabes!

The fans also took the stage with their awesome dance move (oh my, a certain Nizam really shook the hall with his moves - he is as good as Taufik!) and commendable singing (that rendition of "Let's Stay Together" was awesome, gurl!).

But what is more memorable for many Taufik-ed fans today was to discover that their Idol is still the Taufik they have grown to adore right from the start.

From the cliche "There is two kind of Usher/Taufik" to the awwwww-ing "Saya Sayang Mak", Taufik is close to the hearts of many. As he determined signing his autographed over and over again many, many times for his fans, the soul man has kept his promise.

That he will thank his fans who have voted for him. And today, ending with a platinum award in his bag and an aching wrist, Taufik has shown Singapore he is a man of his words.

And that eye sparkle knowing who I am was enough to make the trip down all worth it.

Now, tell us your experience!

(Razlan's note: I know the photos sucks, but my camera ran out of battery again and can't take pictures properly. Can anyone share their pics, please?)


At 10:43 PM, Blogger sazparella said...

i was der on stage! guess wc one tho!
the one who wore almost d same colour T as Fik! hah! how great minds think alike ;) aaawwww...

niwae really had my 5 mins of fame as "Taufik Idol runner up" :)

never believe tt once again i manage to gather my nerves n be thick skinned and sang in front of my idol! and as if its not enuf, he had to judge me somemore! oh maaan! wut a bunch of nerves i was on stage,singing offkey n wen i looked up, OMG the crowd!

its a wonder tt i almost had stage fright! But i decided to turn to turned to Fik n sorta flirt wif him khekhe kinda fun though i must say!!and to think he sorta beat box to my singing hah! he must have tot "oh man i better help her out she's soo off-key!"

n for a moment really felt like one of singapore idols wannabes hehe... thats how it feels lah huh being judged by d idol judge n by the crowd some more!

but all in all it was worth it very much worth it, thick skinned and all! and congrats to the winner! u go gerrrl! great lungs she got there!

BUT me n my frens we do have a slight complain or discomfort lah actually towards the management and/or organisers at that signing party, cos most of us got our stuff turned away for taufik to sign!

yea really,as u all know, they promised max 5 items fik can sign rite, ...so there we were.... ready wif 3 to 4 and if not 5 items ie posters lah cds lah and mag shots lah, .... and wen we reached fik, the 2 women by his side tried to control us and told us he can sign only 1 item!

can u belive the nerve of them!! how cheesed of some of us were! we were so damn disappointed n furious tt they did this to us!!

but some of us managed to eventually just grabbed back the item they pushed away n fik was soooo nice n obliging as ever, signed on them .....thanky u Fik darling!

and not only that, (as earlier promised we can get a shot of fik rite) some of them cant even get a foto of him and got shoved away by the security chaps on stage!!!

double whammy rite! double turn off!!

ok we all know tt they were probably pressing for time n tt fik is probably tired and all, therefore if so, (they shld aldy foresee der might be delays rite since the crowd is almost full in the convention centre) then they shld have told us max we can get fik to sign is 1 or 2 items only, NOT 5!

we really felt unjustified cos the earlier batches of fans managed to get most of the items signed n got shots of n wif him (although the latter is a bonus if tt happens lah cos they dun allow it from the satrt) yet most us from the 2nd batch (we were from the left hand side isle seats)got turned away!

how dare they they promised us something,n in return did something else!

it was downright rude of them for shoving us away and pushing away our idol memorabilias for Fik to sign! and this is a thank you signing party mind u, yet.....?????


and not only me n my frens were cheesed off but outside the hall, lots of other fans were ticked off too by the way the management treated the fans!

they totally disregard and treated us like we were some hooligans wc in fact we r not, wc in fact we r all so calm n went in an orderly manner up stage to get Fik's autograph!

geeez it was some ending to such a beautiful engaging start!

bad experience really wif the mangement n organisers but our man Taufik was really patient and kept smiling thruout despite the mini hoohaa n chaos on stage n the exasperation n desperation all of us felt.....

we r sorry tt taufik had to go thru this hassles of being "controlled" and his hands "tied" by his management but we r sorrier tt the management sucks and failed to have tt sense appreciation towards the fans.....

*a disgruntled taufik fan*


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