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Monday, January 17, 2005

Local Stations Boycotting Taufik?

The news and various online groups are hot with the debate - are local stations boycotting Taufik?

I'm sure many fans here have differing theories and opinions. Many have expressed disgusts over the issue; some are merely puzzled, and others shrug it off as, I quote, "media imbeciles"

As the owner of this site, I am inclined to take a neutral position in delivering information to you, and reserve my personal opinion to myself. That, I will honor. But you, as Taufik-ed fans, have the right to know some hard facts and form your own judgements.

Here are some information you may be interested in:

Background: Taufik was invited to attend the Anugerah Planey Muzik (APM), the equivalent of "Grammy Awards" for the Malay music industry. Citing NS duties and obligations, Hype Records had declined the invitation. In response, Ms. Zakiah Halim, a senior executive in Malay and Indian radio programming for MediaCorp, has apparently issued directives to DJs and programme hosts not to air Taufik's songs or interview him.

Fact #1: Hype Records has earlier on declined a separate invitation for Taufik to sing at Tiger Cup's final, citing similar reasons
Fact #2: Taufik is currently working at least 12 hours a day for his NS duties, more than normal hours to replace the hours off taken during the Idol contest and subsequent media appearances
Fact #3: Ms. Zakiah Halim has direct control over programme content of the radio shows
Fact #4: Ria and Warna had previously been airing Taufik's songs almost everyday

Qns #1: What are the exact procedures for Taufik to take time off his duties? Would it be flexible enough to accomodate erractic and last-minute schedule of media programme?
Qns #2: What is the actual reason for banning Taufik's songs?
Qns #3: Would such a ban be linked to Taufik's inability to attend APM?
Qns #4: How would Taufik's public image be affected by (i) his inability to attend APM?; and (ii) the ban of his songs on air?
Qns #5: What can Hype Records do to resolve this issue?

You have the background, the facts, and the questions to ask. Please speak up, and ensure your opinions are heard.

Full scope of the story in today's New Paper. As usual, don't believe 100% of everything you read.


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