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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The one where Raz gets very agitated!

I am just too agitated today to update anything.

Sure, the random monitoring of Taufik-ed emails and forum postings had been inspiring. I was looking forwards to a night of productive study, blogs update and some other online stuff that I am doing.

I thought, "Before I start studying (exams are 3 weeks away!), I better write to Yahoo! Domain again"

You see, I have a problem with Yahoo! system. Our domain name, TaufikBatisah.net has been purchased sometime before, and was redirected here. Later on, I decided to get a proper hosting package, and set the Yahoo! system to "point" the URL to this hosting provider.

Nothing happened. Zilch. It has been almost a month. I wrote to Yahoo! customer support, and... cutting the long story short, I made a major complaint. I think you guys deserve better!

So, I have decided to get another domain to use. Just bought "TaufikBatisah.XXX" (don't access yet, it is not ready. if you try you will get some funny ads!). But no worries, Taufik-eds. You can continue to use TaufikBatisah.net to access this blog!

Those who have emailed, dropped a message in the guestbook, responded to the few threads I started in the forum... my apologies for the delayed response.

Will be back tomorrow - with more updates! Stay tuned!


At 12:21 AM, Blogger TR said...

Razlan, was wondering why you signed up with yahoo? There are other domain registrars which are much more reliable. I always use www.namecheap.com It usually takes less than 3 days to propagate your domain.

Hope this helps



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