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Monday, January 03, 2005

The Taufik-ed League Blog Network - Under Construction

It is high time for me to re-construct the layout of the blog. With numerous content that we have, plus all the additional features, things can get REALLY messy. Hence from now on, you may notice things are being deleted, or moved around. Don't panic. Click around and you'll bound to find them.

Some of the things you'll noticed immediately:

1) A mailing list has been created. Refer to previous post, or the sidebar
2) "Taufik's Journey To Fame" has been moved to Video and Audio Blogs
3) "Download Central" has been linked to the top links (as "Download")

Some additional features will be coming your way. I don't want to reveal much, in case it didn't materialize, but you can bet on a structured FAQ section and question submission (so you no longer need to flood my inbox), a Taufik-related websites list, bloggers news submission list.... and the much awaited "Taufik-ed Fans Blog". I am much excited with this new blog addition to our existing network. It is going to be very interesting! In fact, it has got...

... I'm not going to tell you now, do I? I gotta keep some tricks up my sleeve.

Oh, by the way, I totally forgotten to put up this 8-Days feature on Taufik. There are some stuff I have written in that particular post, so do check it out.

I have yet to write more on "The Night I Got Taufik-ed". No, I didn't forget. I just didn't have the time. But here is something I am dying to share with you all :P

The Night I Got Taufik-ed! The Night I Got Taufik-ed!

The Night I Got Taufik-ed! The Night I Got Taufik-ed!

By the way, the album sales will end on 5th Jan, so if you haven't make your order, please do so soon.

Time to visit the slumberland. Night night, everyone! :P


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