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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Meet Up Session Today!

Get Taufik-ed! Today we will be organizing a meet up session - details in the previous post.

Now, I have received several enquiries on the meet up session. My apologies for the confusion, but Taufik will NOT be there. If my previous announcements gave the impression of that, I'm truly sorry. Like I mentioned before, the session is for people to:

1) Make cash payment and new orders for autographed Taufik Album
2) Pass me their belated Christmas/Birthday gifts to Taufik
3) Make cash contribution to Taufik iPod fund

I will be in a grey shirt and black pants today. Will be putting the LIME flash card (the A3 giant poster of Taufik in boxing attire) on my table, but I will be discreet and won't be displaying it to everyone passing my table. For those who doesn't know how I look like, here's a flattering picture of a slimmer looking me *hehe*

Ok, ok. So I know this is a flattering picture. Here's a more recent one =)

I won't be expecting a crowd tonight, so if you have the time, do drop by and say hi. And I got a camera :P

Now, it's time for some updates:

Taufik's first MTV for "I Dream" will premiere this coming Friday midnight, or more accurately, at Saturday 1st January 2005, 1200 on Channel 5. The trailer was splashed all over national television. I don't know what you people think but I think this MTV is gorgeous. Though, I feel sorry for those fans who spent much effort in shooting the initial MTV of Taufik as a cleaner. For those of us who have yet to see this, here's the lyrics for I Dream.

Together with the rest of the 10 Idol finalists, Taufik will be at Sentosa to party with the Nation in welcoming 2005. Tickets are available at SISTIC. Now, talking about New Year, I'm sure there are a lot of things, good and bad, to reflect on 2004. Good things like Singapore Idol and the rebounding economy, bad things like the recent devastating tsunami and Huang Na's case. What is your best/worst memory of 2004? Share it in the forum's Kopitiam with the rest of us Taufik-ed fans.

And, have you considered joining my Blogger Network yet?


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