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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Get Taufik-ed! Meet Up Session Tomorrow! (29 Dec)

Coffee Bean @ Wheelock's Place
click here for map

Date & Time
29th December 2004 (Wed), from 6.30 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Updated! Sorry for the mistake!

Who To Look For
Razlan (owner of TaufikBatisah.net)

If you still don't know who I am, you gotta knock your head! *LOL* Just look out for me - most likely I will be in a black shirt and grey jeans. Also look out for someone with some Taufik-ish with him. I might be bringing the giant LIME Taufik flash card, so that you can look out for me. Don't expect to meet a Malay-looking guy. I am not exactly a Malay, and I am very, very Chinese looking. And yes, I understand Chinese (Mandarin to be exact), speak little of it and very fluent in Cantonese. But just hit me with English, alright?

Now, who should go for this meet up?
1) Those who want to purchase an autographed Taufik album and want to pay in cash
2) Those who want my autograph. Okay I am just joking =)
3) Those who want to make cash/cheque contribution to the Taufik iPod fund
4) Those who want to pass belated birthday/X'mas gifts to Taufik
5) Those who want to see who Raz is, and if he is genuine and trustworthy
6) Those who want to beat the hell out of me. Ok, I am just joking here, too.

They will be some forms to fill up to facilitate the whole thing, so be prepared with pens/pencils, alright? I don't have that many spares to go around. Also, if you are coming for reasons (1), (2), and (3), drop me an email with your name (no alias please!) and mobile number so that I know you are coming. Easy for me to catch up with you if you didn't turn up on time.

Alright, updates for international buyers (i.e. non-Singapore residents) who wish to purchase the Taufik Album (autographed) - GOOD NEWS! You can now purchase via eBay.com, therefore you are more protected by eBay policies somewhat. I am going through this process to give our buyers more assurances they are not dealing with some kind of frauds here =)

Well, as most of us here know Taufik and Sly gave superb performances during the Affairs of the Hearts 2004 show on Boxing Day. You can now download the video clip of Taufik singing "An Jing" and Sly singing "Belaian Jiwa" from Download Central. I tell you - these are some of the best songs by the Idols, and Sly rocks with his rendition of Belaian Jiwa. He was good, and yes I still remember I am writing on a Taufik site *LOL*

You can discuss about the show on the Taufik-ed Forum, or just read about the news.

Image and video clip courtesy of Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Finally, do you guys and gals have it takes to:

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At 11:26 PM, Blogger Lia said...

Hi Raz, we had received an email earlier regarding the sale of Taufik's albums. But when we try to call and SMS the so-called person in charge, no response.

My workplace; PUB has a couple of orders for the album. Can we go thru u to ensure they get their copies? Poor them...especially my 5-year old daughter who fell in love with Taufik! Hehe

I'm contactable at cute_sentiasa@yahoo.com.sg or u can email me at julianah_jumari@pub.gov.sg (yes..I am one of ur members in the taufik-ed league under user name; Mbakyu) to give me an answer. Thanx raz.

p/s* so unfortunate I m not able to be at the session tomorrow. Best regards for Taufik. We shall meet another time, InsyaAllah!


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