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Friday, December 24, 2004

Taufik Album Teaser

Hey people,

I have something to show you that will surely tease your heart. Here's the sample of what to expect from his debut album! These are the 6 postcards for the calendar. Pretty cool I think. One shot for every two months. I think the first card is the nicest!

Taufik Debut Album Goodies! Taufik Debut Album Goodies! Taufik Debut Album Goodies! Taufik Debut Album Goodies! Taufik Debut Album Goodies! Taufik Debut Album Goodies!

These are the front and back cover designs for the pack of calendar. I am not sure but I think this might just be the actual designs for the album. If you see the back design, there is a "mass-printed" autograph from Taufik. Note: Those of you buying the CD from be can be guaranteed that the autograph will be different from this one! Written by Taufik himself and not printed!

Taufik Debut Album Goodies! Taufik Debut Album Goodies!

When you pre-order the album at record stores, you will get these additional two items (1) a coupon, which allows you to collect the actual CD during the launch date at where you ordered the CD from, and (2) a form for you to fill in and send to enter a lucky draw to win passes (for Taufik "Thank You/Signing" party). However, if you get it through this blog, you won't get these two - one, we will collect the album on your behalf and post it to you, and two, we will automatically enter your name into the lucky draw. How cool is that!

Taufik Debut Album Goodies!

Taufik Debut Album Goodies!

Here's how you can help out in promoting his album sales! Just use this code and put a link on your website/blog. =)

Get an AUTOGRAPHED Taufik Album!

More to update tomorrow. But since tonight is X'mas Eve, I will be spending it eating fruit cake, watching FRIENDS DVD and chit chatting with friends. Ahhh... the simple pleasure of life! To those of you who have yet to get a response from me for your orders - don't worry. I will get around to do it tomorrow.

And, people, I am deeply moved by the show of support and the many kind words of encouragements. You guys and gals rock, too!

Merry Christmas! =)


At 5:25 PM, Blogger ika_sclub said...

umm..i cant seem to copy and paste ur html code for the 'taufik album pre-sale link thingi' ..

At 8:03 PM, Blogger NofitaufiK said...

i love ur blogs

i'm alreday order 3,
1 for my self, 1 for my bf, and 1 for my frend dat c is at
indonesia dis gal mad over him n over his soul....... and everything abt him! singaporean sure have to suport him all the way .
and salam kenal to all fantaufik....


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