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Thursday, December 23, 2004

Latest Update on Taufik's Album

Today has been one hell of a whirlwind of orders for Taufik's album. Conflicting information, tonnes of emails, system errors etc. - this is the worst bunch of errors I have ever encountered since the launch of this site. However, all is well now. Managed to sort out quite a number of details :)

For those of you interested to get Taufik Album (yes, that's the title of the album - I have checked), loads of updated info available. Click on the link on the right for more information.

For those too lazy to read (or read it before but undecided), here's a summary version.

1) On my website, they are three options available for purchase. ONE: Purchase by PayPal. All processes is automated and secure. You will need a credit/debit card for this. TWO: Use bank transfer. There is a form for you to fill up in order to obtain my banking information. THREE: For international buyers (i.e. non-Singapore residents), you can also purchase the album, but the pricing will be different. The rate is unavailable at the moment, but you can leave me your details in a special web form so that I can get in touch with you the moment it is available

2) Actually, the main difference between buying on this site, and buying from record store is this - CD purchased through this site is guaranteed to be personally autographed by Taufik. Personalisation may not be possible (as in, you ask him to write your name on your CD), but rest assured it is not mass produced. The album and calendar that you receive in the end are the same

3) Will you get the CD before everyone else? The answer is - I'm not sure. There is a chance that you might receive it later than everyone else, but the delay is to enable Taufik to have ample time to autograph all you CDs! Good things are worth the wait =)

4) Pre-sales in store does not give you the CD. Don't believe any rumours you have heard. Taufik is still in the process of recording the album - how on earth anyone can get hold of the CD? Just something about our Idol - the poor dude is having a hard time juggling between contractual oblogation (media appearances, CD recording etc.) and NS duties. Nowadays, he is recording his album in the morning and afternoon, then head off for his NS duties at night. Now you understand why he wore his shades? It is, of course, not because he has become cocky!

5) Currently Taufik is indeed very, very busy, and also, he does not have a computer yet, so he may be completely unaware of any ongoings online (like this website, for example). And, for the benefits of those who asked me this - no, I do not know Taufik. We never talk to each other before, not even SMS or email. He doesn't even know my name or anything that I am doing. The best, err, relationship you can say exist between me and him will be a fan-idol thing. I watched him on TV and concerts *LOL*

So, how can I get hold of all these information? Simply put - we all got to thank some very kind souls who are close to Taufik to let us know what is happening.

If you happen to feel any negativity on the media or any other ongoings with Taufik, please don't. Things might not be as smooth as it should be for Taufik either. Instead of seething over disatsfaction on all things Taufik, we should instead be compassionate and continue to support him in whatever capacities that we have.

Having said that, I have this message for those of you who are so obsessed with him to extent of wanting to find out where he lives, his email, his friendster account, his phone number etc. - please stop. Give Taufik some privacy. There are better ways to show your support and love for him (and any other Idol as well), but behaving like a paparazi (wrong spelling?) is not the way to go.

Actually I have some more news to update, but I guess this is enough for tonight. On a personal note, I am sad to let you know that all live video streaming on this site may not be available anymore. As mentioned in my FAQ, I am unable to share the video code with anyone as I am streaming the video directly from its source. Apparently, the server may have blocked access from this site. For now, only live MP3 streaming (which is onmy own server at raz79.com) will be available. I am so sorry about this, but it is beyond me to provide live streaming of videos. Will try to work out something though.

Okay now, good night people. And Merry Christmas Eve! =)


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your comment that the fans shouldn't hound Taufik excessively.
I'm so glad to have found your site. Especially since MediaCorp has not taken up my suggestion to release a Singapore Idol DVD showing the finals and the season highlights.
Keep up the great work but don't overwork yourself!!

At 9:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heyya raz.

You worked all out for this webbie man. I prefer stating this than to the tagboard cos I really want you to read this. Anyway, just an applause wont be suffice to you for all your hardwork, but you know wat, you have all my support.

Just a suggestion, maybe you should consider collaborating with ilovetaufikbatisah.blogspot.com for a great webbie. Share tons of info and make it big. I've been surfing both and many other taufik's webby, hopping from one to another.

Again, raz, accept my sincerest wish for the best in dealing your passion and maintaining this webbie.


At 9:41 PM, Blogger NofitaufiK said...

i miss taufik:)


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