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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Taufik as HUNK of the Year

Hello people! Here are some updates :)

It is true - Taufik was nominated as one of the "Hunk of The Year" by The New Paper (huh!), along with Sly (huh! x2), Qi Yuwu (more like it), Julian Hee (got some taste there) and Ken Lim (huh! x10). Okay, I am sure TNP editor have a good reason for the nominations. Also note that the contest (which requires you to vote - at 20 cents each) is named "TNP FLAME Awards" not "TNP FAME Awards". It was meant to be entertaining I guess. Trust TNP will do as a tabloid does.

Do scroll down to view updated photos for the Nokia Idol X'mas Party @ Attica (or click here if you are lazy!). Should be updated soon - I have asked my housemate to send to me as I am typing this :)

Added! Click here to view the online album (include both Taufik and Sly!!)

Some changes to the blog - I am so sorry that I didn't realize you can right click and copy the codes to link to me. I have now remodify that - just click on the link, and a pop up window will appear to allow you to copy the code. Also, I have included a disclaimer with regards to the shoutbox. I will try to moderate it as much as possible - but I strongly suggest fans of Taufik to join the Taufik-ed League Forum to continue long term discussions on all things Taufik. The shoutbox is only a temporary thing :)

This month's issue of LIME has Taufik inside - I just bought my copy, but too tired to look inside. *Yawnz*

Time to sleep! :P


At 3:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to vote Ken Lim for the heck of it.. muahahahaha.


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