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Tuesday, December 14, 2004


It is almost 2 o'clock on a Tuesday morning...

And I watched the Finals video clip again. This time round I laid back and simply let it all soak all over me. And surprisingly I caught the lyrics properly this time. I am refering to I Dream.

I thought of the time when taufik started this LONG journey 6 months ago. Stamped as arrogant and a piss-me-off, he sure get off at a shaky start. However, he has a dream. A dream to be a star, a dream for a better life for his mum. I remember vividly how he was so choked with emotion when he spoke of his mum - the most important woman in his life.

And he blossomed into a truly exceptional star on stage, a humble and loving friends to his fellow fans and finalists, and an inspiration for awed Idol-fans like me. He had a dream, he worked hard, he believed in himself, and he saw it through.... and came out a winner in more than on way.

As my tears flowed freely and vowed to myself that this is indeed an inspiration for me to strive and work hard for my dream, I saw this final screen on this clip that I have never notice before:

"This episode is dedicated to Jiamin, Isaac, Daniel, Rachel and Serene.

It has been a long journey throughout the series and it was great having all your support.

Have a wonderful holiday and may the coming Christmas be a really special one for everyone."


It was then I realized the power and magic of "I Dream" - shot Taufik to stardom, awed me to tears, and moved thousands and millions of people to achieve their dreams.


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