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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Did you get Taufik-ed?

Did you notice that? Yeah? Yup, I got a new headline for my blog! "Did you get Taufik-ed?" is an idea from my friend in Malaysia who has absolutely no idea who Taufik is. So this tagline is here to stay!

Following the advice of some forum-ers, I managed to download the whole video clips for the Idol final show! Man, had I stayed home and watched the show, I will be so embarassed. Many times I was moved to tears, especially during Taufik's and Sylvester's renditions of "I Dream". Bloody marverlous song! Sorry that I can share the clips with you guys - it was a gigantic 704 MB, over 2 hours long! Maybe I can include download instruction (using Bit Torrent) in my next post.

Many of you have emailed me or shouted at me (I mean, using the shoutbox, hehe) a number of similar questions. So I decided to set up an "FAQ" section (whoa, macam la very pro eh? hehe). So, do check it out before sending me questions, ok?

My Blogroll is updated! New additions are heLena, mais, su, basitah and ida. Keep those submission coming!

In the News

Taufik won Singapore Idol by a 24% margin!

It was widely reported yesterday on how the Singapore Idol voters demanded that MediaCorp reveal the statistic of votes for the Final Show (read news here). And guess what? MediaCorp relented!. The result : Taufik received 62% of the 1.1 million votes, while Sylvester Sim received 38%. Now, that's a big margin - it is like for every vote for Sly, there are TWO for Taufik! It's confirmed now - Taufik is the Nation's choice!

Taufik as the nation's role model

In one of PM Lee's speech to encourage more young Singaporeans to join PAP and contribute ideas, Taufik was mentioned:

"For instance, Singapore Idol finalists Taufik Batisah and Sylvester Sim — "both from ordinary backgrounds" — earned their place in "a land of opportunity" through "talent and grit," Mr Lee said."

Read the full news here

Catch Taufik on Suria!
Taufik will be apprearing on Channel Suria, for Ikhlas - a charity show for needy Muslims. He will be singing "Belaian Jiwa" live at 8.30 p.m. to raise donations from the public. So mark your calendar!

I realized that all these updating is taking loads of my (sleeping) time. So, if any of you guys want to contribute as a writer, please let me know! Hee hee...


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