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Saturday, December 04, 2004

New Blog Additions

Hey people, the weekend is here! I have been working on my PC diligently, and here are some new stuff for ya!

1) Obviously you should be listening to it now - the recording of Taufik singing the piece "I Dream" after he was crowned the Singapore Idol, with part of the piece sung by Sylvester.

2) For security reasons, I have disabled right clicks on this site, and I didn't realize you people can't download the songs because of that! Fret not - look to the right and click on "Download Central"

3) The charting of "Taufik's Road to Fame" is almost complete - I am just waiting for the songs from the finals and video clips.

4) "Sites of Taufik" are a network of ads to feature Taufik sites. Got a site and want to put it on? Give me a image you want to go with it. Send me a message under "Contact"

5) Web Poll - hey, since you have been here, why not rate me too? :)

Fianl Encore Broadcast Tonight!

I have some more stuff in the pipeline - stay tuned! By the way, tonight is the encore broadcast of the final show - anyone can record it down? I'll be more than happy to convert it into a video clip and, space permitting, will put up here. yes, right here!

One of the most beautiful thing for me, since I joined the blogging bandwagon and committed myself at least 3 hours daily on blog-related stuff, would be the amount of feedback that I have gotten from my blog visitors. I relished the good words and their thoughts on what I have put up. Thank you, people, you have made my day :)


At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Raz...

Luv ur site..

Wonder if you can put the song "Me and Mrs Jones" on for download as well?

The original version is really beautiful :) But since you have disabled the right click, I can't download it. :(

Btw.. juz to let you know that I'm not a Singaporean but is really impressed by Taufik's performance. Singapore do have some talents do they?

Thanks for the wonderful blog!


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