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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Euphoria of Singapore Idol Final Showdown

Taufik Batisah - The First Singapore Idol!

It all started with multiple biddings/haggling/negotiating for tickets to the Idol Finals. Prices varied, seating varied. It really depends on your luck in getting the right ticket and the right seller. It was after being stood up by insensitive buyers when I finally got hold of a pair of tickets – Balcony, Row 33, Seat 15 and 16. Not the best seats if you ask me. For the $120 I am paying, I thought I can at least secure the a seat!

My seat at the indoor stadium

I bought two copies of 8-Days at lunch time. One for reading, another for safe keeping. My colleagues said for a 25 years old guy, I am really fanatic. I can only think – if you really adore something, you must adore it all the way. Why refrain and restrain the child in your heart?

Back to the magazine – wow, 10 pages of Idol news (11 if you plus the one on Olinda)! I thought it will come with this “fan for fan” (if you get my drift). Apparently, only copies sold at the concert venue will have this item! Damn!

Fan for Fan!

All the while in the office, I was busy checking out the Idol forum at The Official Singapore Idol Site and updates at Taufik’s Official Fan Site. The hottest story was that all Taufik’s fans will wear white, and all Sylvester’s fans will wear pink. Today’s journalist noted, “If all goes well, it will be a sea of white and pink at the stadium tonight”

Wear White Campaign

Wow, she was spot on!

I, of course, was dressed in a smart looking white T-shirt (except that I dripped coffee on the front this morning, damn it). My company for the night, Fadli, was in a white tee as well. So it was very obvious who we were rooting for, and there were many in pure white, everywhere! I saw the “5 Brides for Taufik” as well (which later increased to 6 during the show) – cool idea, ‘cause it was great publicity.

It was long queue going into the stadium, after watching for a while the arrival of the Idols at the Red Carpet area. It was already so chaotic, so Fadli and I decided to get going before Taufik or Sylvester arrive. There were many young girls and older ladies wearing pink – no doubt out to support Sylvester!

Okay the concert gets started, opened with a group number by the “eliminated” 9 finalists. I was very heartened to see Chris and Jessea back in action – they are looking better and better! From where I was at, I can’t really see them, and the sound was very different compared to watching at home.

I have a strange suspicion that Taufik’s fans (and supporters) outnumbered Sylvester’s that night, judging from all the screams, including yours truly plus my faithful whistle courtesy of Fadli.

Here are some of my own comments on Taufik’s performances tonight. Just for the record – I know I will be voting ONLY for Taufik, so I started straight away when the lines were open.

Taufik Song #1
Supersitious ( Right click to download his previous recording)
Simply fabulous, a great opening for the concert. I am not sure if it is better than his previous rendition during the R&B Round, but it got people around me clapping and snapping to the song. As usual, he is very good with this kind of song, and he has all the right move and vocal to match even Stevie Wonder’s performance.

Taufik Song #2
I Dream
This is the “official song” to be sung by both Taufik and Sylvester. Written by the same song composer who did this for Guy Sebastian’s (Australian Idol) debut album. I have never heard that song before, and I have to admit both Sly and Taufik did very well.

Taufik Song #3
Mr. and Mrs. Jones ( Right click to download the original version by Billy Bond)
Easily his winning song. The same song was performed by George Huff, one of the finalists in American Idol 3 in their debut album. Back then I didn’t like the song, and was worried when I got to know the judges choose this one for him. But Taufik surpassed all expectations and did it so well, it got the judges showering perfect compliments or him. It was again a soulful performance, plus that song needs powerful vocal with wide range. Taufik did just that with so much sexiness that got Dick said, “Wow, so hot!” Yes, it was not from Florence but Dick!

Okay, after that it was time for a break before all 11 finalists took the stage again to perform a long medley of songs. From the end of Taufik’s first sing right up to the end of the break, I voted 100+ times for him. I was really worried if the fanatical Sly’s fans will upset the results, so I decided to pledge and do my part.

And boy, was I delighted he was crowned the first Singapore Idol! And he was such a gentleman – shared his limelight with Sylvester. I was so moved and so are his fans! To my disgust, though, Sly’s fan started walking out after the results were announced.

The end of the concert is nothing short of euphoria. The area around the stadium was filled with exhilarated Taufik’s fans. I feel proud wearing white tonight!

In summary, some final stats for my SI experience tonight:
- $120 for a pair of tickets
- 100+ votes for Taufik
- 3 copies of 8-Days, 2 copies of Lime
- I fantastic companion
- Insurmountable amount of joy for rooting for the right talent!

If you believe in yourself, work hard to realize your dream. That’s the message from our very first Singapore Idol. And here’s a list for you to downloads related to Taufik (except for the Final’s, of course)

Piano Show - My Girl
Spectacular 1 - Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Spectacular 2 - Great Balls of Fire
Spectacular 3 - September
Spectacular 4 - Yeah!
Spectacular 5 - Moondance
Spectacular 6 - Let's Stay Together
Spectacular 6 - Supersitious
Spectacular 6 Results - Where Is The Love
Spectacular 7 - Belaian Jiwa
Spectacular 7 - It's You That Matter
Spectacular 8 - Ain't No Sunshine
Spectacular 8 - This Is The Moment
Spectacular 8 - True To Your Heart

More to come, as I am hosting these files for his fan site!


At 6:59 AM, Blogger buffy said...

Hello, bloghopped my way here! Hope u don't mind me tagging. Wow, u're a diehard Taufik fan! Complete with all his songs embedded in your blog! I'm truly euphoric that TAUFIK won! woohoo! Puas hati melayu menang! TAUFIK all the way. He deserves to win! I'm going bongkers over him! - Buffy (http://buffyana.blogspot.com)

At 10:31 AM, Blogger gurfwen said...

hehe it's Billy Paul.. apa pulak jadik Billy Bond... have u got the latest mp3s?? Taufik's version of Me & Mrs Jones is waaayy sexier!

At 2:48 PM, Blogger kontra said...

hi there raz,i heard abt ur tix story,only after i met my fellow gf's,i could have gotten an extra tic fer u if u had told me earlier,like on monday,u needed to only pay me $10 each.shucks.i am so sorry.but nevertheless,yes , yesterday was ultimate.i cried wen they sung,let me jas admit,i cried even wen taufik was crowned.he deserved it all.yes and we were clad in white too!!i wonder wat will happen to him after..wat dya tink?

keep blogging abt taufik and i will be here more often than ever!yes...i think we had more taufik fans than there were sly's.oh well...

all's well.

the best man has won... *grinz*

At 11:53 PM, Blogger TR said...

Bloody good job on the commentary. I look forward to more entries from you.

At 2:48 PM, Blogger alhnom said...

Chanced upon ur blog and havent stopped reading since! Thanks so much for the audio files, i've dl them all and am listening to them over n over! im an avid Taufik fan as well!
Thanks again!

At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hai there...

i am big fan of taufiq... cant wait for his album to come up. anyway. thank for this website cause it make me closer to taufiq. heheheeh


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