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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sleeping Late - Again!

Nowadays I am always sleeping very late. Usually 2 a.m., and I always have a hard time waking up the next day. Was resolute to sleep by 1 a.m. tonight the latest (so that I can get at least 6 hours worth of sleep) but looking at the time now, sigh...

Caught The Incredibles on Sunday night with James. Needless, it was bloody fabolous. Loved the soundtrack. And I blew $12 on the popcorn set minus the popcorn so that I can get the tumblers. Also got this set of 4 postcards. Cool~

Also got involved in "Support Taufik Batisah for Singapore Idol" campaign *LOL*. I helped the owner of the so-called Official Site to host all Taufik's songs. Since I already took the trouble to upload all the songs, I might as well share damn here. Just right click and select "Save As".

Piano Show - My Girl
Spectacular 1 - Everything I Do (I Do It For You)
Spectacular 2 - Great Balls of Fire
Spectacular 3 - September
Spectacular 4 - Yeah!
Spectacular 5 - Moondance
Spectacular 6 - Let's Stay Together
Spectacular 6 - Supersitious
Spectacular 6 Results - Where Is The Love
Spectacular 7 - Belaian Jiwa
Spectacular 7 - It's You That Matter

And here are some amusing images done by Taufik fans.

Okay time to sleep!


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