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Friday, November 12, 2004

Singapore Idol - out went the cili padi

It was a heart moving episode. Lil' feisty Daphne was expecting the axe. It is not that she is not without talent. If she doesn't, the judges won't be enjoying her performances week after week. And it is not that she has less fans. Just listen to the screams during the live show and the young males who voted for her anyway "because she is SO cute!"

Daphne Khoo on Idol website

Her closing song was "I Will Survive", her song choice for piano round. As a tribute to one of the more memorable idol hopefuls, I have embeded her song in this post.

Edited: I have deactivated the streaming, but you can still download the song here. Jusr right click and select "Save As"

On another note: I am so glad that Taufik and Olinda were the top two. Finally, I have faith that Singapore are not merely blinded by good look, nor deaf to real talent!


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