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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Singapore Idol

I am officially an Idol fanatic. My infatuation started in March when I first bought my TV, and American Idol was the first show I watched. I was hooked since.

More recently and nearer to the home front, I am very into our local version of the Idol contest as well. I was just having my usual dose of clips on the website and came to a starling conclusion.

The first Singapore Idol?

His performance was flawless. I have never heard of Supersitious or Let's Stay Together, but I felt the goosebumps on me. And what the judges said were even more remarkable!

After Supersitious
Dick Lee: R&B is your genre - you are Mr. R&B. I was expecting very good performance from you and so far I was satisfied
Florence Lian: Tonight you are not trying to be Taufil being Stevie Wonder, but Taufil being Taufik. That was very good
Douglas O: I can actually see fire in your eyes. I know you wanted this so much. You know what? I think you might just get it
Ken Lim: A good performer copies a good performance. A star performer devises a star performance. I'm glad you have begin to be a star.

After Let's Stay Together
Dick Lee: You did something very remarkable. Despite the noisy and complex arrangement, you stayed cool. If I have a hat, I'll take it off to you
Florence Lian: You went right to soul of the song, you controlled it so well - to me, that's your best performance so far
Douglas O: Two weeks ago I remember saying R&B is not your genre. Tonight you have proven me wrong
Ken Lim: In line with the ability of your fellow contestants, I say you stand a very good chance to be the remaining two in this competition.

I don't know why, but I felt a joy that was so intense in my heart after watching the two clips. Coupled with Taufik's down-to-earth personality (look at his blog on the Idol website), it made me cried. In joy.


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