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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Geylang Galore

What a day in office.

From the moment I stepped into office (that's 15 minutes late, by the way) till the time I knocked off at 6 p.m., it was a marathon of work. It should have been a breeze for me, if only I know what I am doing.

You see, I am trying to promote this economics course for my company. It is definitely not a cheap course - for 4-days worth of high end business talking, it will cost the delegates a cool S$4590 per pax, without hotel accommodation. The bulk of the course actually when to bringing in the two lecturers from France.

Isn't this banner nice? Hehe...

Such high investments, such exclusive targetted audience (I need to talk to CEOs and Presidents of oil companies), such expectations - I am so stressed out. So I need a right marketing mix.

It must be chicken feet for some people, but not for me. That's one of the reason why I am taking up the new degree from MDIS (which will start next week).

So most of the day was spent cleaning up my mailing list, tracking records of emails sent, segmenting it, sending out follow email, classifying my cold/warm/hot list... in short, nothing value adding done. And it was indeed stressful.

So when 6 p.m. came (an hour after our appointed timing), it was with much relief when I headed down to Kim Seng Star Bowl with my colleagues for a few rounds of, of course, bowling.

Have you ever heard of that place? It was so secluded, I doubt many people know of its existence. Most of the players are pros and Filipinos (they have their own club of bowlers). Most of the time I don't have much luck in bowling, but I didn't know my colleagues' skills left much to be desired.

After that, we went down to Geylang Lorong 9 for dinner in 3 cabs. The food was good! Beef horfun, seafood horfun, fried chicken, oyster omelette, sambal kangkung... it was fabolous. After filling our stomaches, we decided to expand it further and headed down to the fruit stall. Durians, mangosteens, longans, langsats... and as if these are not enough, we went to our third stop - soya bean curd plus the absolutely delicious "you tiao".

Ahh... there goes one week worth of my diet, but damn, it felt good. It had been a long time since I last ate that much that now as I am sitting here I feel bloated. Oh well...

Yeah, Claude took some pics. Will post them up when I got them from her.


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