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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

To Do List

My new furniture delivery was late. And don't know why almost all people - from pizza boy to the delivery men - will assume I am Malay and start talking Malay to me over the phone.

While waiting for them, I was spending my time cleaning up my desks. My room is a truly accomplishment of a real single bachelor. Here's a sneak peak of of one of the MANY piles of mess in my room.

Now you get the idea. I need a room-makeover!

As I piled through all my rubbish accumulated over the years, I decided to draw up a To Do List which each, err, "outstanding" items that I carelessly put on my desk and promptly forgotten all about it. One hour and half-a-desk-cleaned-up later, I came up with this L-O-N-G list!

1) Email HollywoodClicks.com on torque dvd - Out of an impulse, I bought a brand new "Torque" DVD for Thet, knowing he loves fast cars. Only later I found out he already has one! Bummer. So going to write to my DVD rental provider and ask if they can make use of my DVD. It is still wrapped in its original plastic. Any taker?

2) Starhub payment - Piles of Starhub bills, and I have absolutely no ideas which of them are paid, and which is not. Doesn't really matter if my old line is still working, but I hate to have unpaid bills unless I really don't have the means to clear them up. And it doesn't help calling up Starhub and check my balance - my line is registered under my friend's name, and I have lost his contact and hence unable to do anything about changing name whatsoever. Gonna find out, somehow.

3) IT Works Bill - Another bill from my website host. I think it was paid, but better check to double confirm.

4) Alumni Day Reply - Another invitation to NTU Alumni Day. I guess I will go this time and do some networking. Doing it online has been quite effective so far - and I ought to try out in real life too. Plus I get to meet some of my old friends again!

5) Change XXXX Credit Card password - Ok, so I shouldn't have posted it. But just a reminder to myself. Gotta change the password!

6) Prudential online password - I think I have changed it, but I can't remember! Damn. Gotta make another call to my friend!

7) Email Sunday makeover - This reminder comes in the form of a newspaper cutting. You know every Sunday, Straits Times will do a free makeover for one person? Like hair cut, new clothes etc. They invite people to apply to be the lucky ones selected. I saw the ad few weeks ago and I still haven't apply. That's how bad a lazy bugger I am...

8) HSBC Gift - Oooo... I totally forgotten I got a gift to redeem from HSBC! Just found a letter to redeem a headphone from Senheiser. Not that I really use it, but no harm collecting it first.

9) Extra convo photos - Found an envelope full of photos from my convocations. Actually I developed them to send to my mum, which I did, but they were extra and I don't know what to do with them. Hmmm... maybe I'll make it into a collage and put it on the wall. (Or maybe I should just be sensible and put everything into an album and chuck it aside)

10) Makeover grad photos - This stack of photos got me laughing! I remember - just before my final exams, Louise (my good study buddy) and I spent $50 bucks each on some formal makeover photo. I look so unreal! Haha... okay, click on these at your own peril. You been warned! This is me when I was 19, just before I came to Singapore. Then, this is the MAKEOVER photo, one of the many I took just before I graduate. And this is me today. I guess I have changed over the years! Haha... now, what should I do with these unsightly photos?!?

11) Movie ticket stubs - Discovered that I am still keeping lots of ticket stubs of all the movies that I watched. Man... it is tough trying to recall which movie I watched with whom. But it surely will be a nostalgic experience. Maybe I'll do up another collage, like the one someone did for Linus' birthday not too long ago. "Sweet memories are made of these..." (or, I should be more sensible and just dump the whole thing!

12) LOTR photo cards - Got this beautiful set of photo cards of all LOTR characters when I bought the complete set of LOTR soundtrack. Yeah, the collection edition set of those beautiful tunes by Howard Shore. And yeah, I was that fanatical of a fan for LOTR. What else you think this journal is nicked "legolas79". Question is, what should I do with them?? Another collage? Another album? Sell it off?

13) Family details spreadsheet - I written so many details of my family members all over the place. Bank account numbers, addresses, emails, phone numbers, birthdays.... well, you will in my situation if all your family members are all NOT in once place. Mine is a truly globalised family. I gotta compile all these details, put it in a file and store it somewhere secure. Not my HDD, of course (still remember vividly how dishearted Kairin was when his crashed!)

14) Singpass - still got this account notification letter. Never used it before. Do I need to keep it?

15) Articles based on manazine - oooo.... I would love to write something based on what I read in the magazine! In fact, I want to write about a lot of things - HR, marketing, lifestyles etc etc etc.... I gotta make a choice!

16) Organize my bangkok stuff + docs + photos - Found not one, not two, but three envelopes worth of Vangkok stuff. From web printouts when I did my research prior to my trips, actual trip photos, the free publications I collected, the postcards I sent to myself... that's loads. And those are memories. Gotta think of a way to preserve and enjoy them instead of letting them rot in envelopes. What was I thinking!

17) Career web portfolio - Found all the job ads cuttings that I have applied to. When I graduated, I was desperate for jobs. My frantic job hunt at that time was really, really desperate. Now looking back, well, I can see how unprofessional I was. I want to share my job hunting experience with my junior, hence the idea for a "Job Hunt Chronicle - When SARS Hit My Wallet". Corny eh? Also, I found out that I still have the first ever transcript of my education life - that's UPSR, Malaysia's equivalent of PSLE - up to the PRWRA certificate I got earlier this year! That one whole stack of certs. I really ought to organise this properly and put them onto the web. I mean, come on, I am supposed to be a web communications expert. Haha~

18) Update contact database - Again, found many stray name cards all over the place. If I don't organize the contact details of all my friends soon, I never will, and soon I will forget all about them (and them, me). Ah.... I am going to be so stuck with MS Excel soon!

Imagine. I only cleaned half of my desk and I already have 18 things I want to do. I still got the other half - I can see stacks of books, aromatherapy oil, lotions, LOTR toys, unknown stuff in a BIG red plastic bag, spoilt printer.... and I look around my room. Boxes of movie memorabilias, messy wardrobe, dusty stacks of magazines...

And I shudder to think when my new furniture can move into my room. Oh man...


At 9:16 AM, Blogger e said...

OMG!!! this is a bit scary leh...are u a typical bachelor or are u a special case...:P

hahhaa......but i can imagine, your room must be a very comfortable cosy corner for u . thats the priviledge of staying alone mah.

well...u better start working on the list now, u know, 2005 is just around the corner...hahhaha...


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