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Friday, November 19, 2004

Singapore Idol - The Final 2

So Singapore has spoken. They do think Olinda is worse than Sylvester. Though I was very disappointed with the outcome, it was expected. As usual, Ken is spot on with his predictions.

It is really silly to know that Sylvester got where he is today because of cute smile, cheeky grin, and thousands of teenage gals voting, because "he is cute". Whatever they were thinking of Christopher, David or even Jerry?

My heart really went out to Oli. Florence touched my heart deeply when she said - "I can't do this". Neither can I.

Here's a tribute to the wonderful Olinda.

Right Click to Download

When A Man Loves a Woman

Taufik gotta show to the rest of Singapore (minus fans of Sly) what real talent is! Now, does anyone know how to get tickets to the Finals?


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