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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Singapore Idol Final Song List

So the song list is out. Both Taufik and Sylvester will sing three songs each, one which will be a special song composed by some big shots who did the same for Australian Idol. The other two songs are chosen by the judges and the contestants themselves.

- Self Choice: Supersitious by Stevie Wonder
- Judges Choice: Mr. and Mrs. Jones by George Huff, American Idol finalist in AMI album

- Self Choice: An Jing by Jay Chou (why am I not surprised?)
- Judges Choice: It's My Life by Bon Jovi


At 7:23 PM, Blogger kontra said...

i call it Taufik-ism on my part.

and i am guilty.he's singing superstitious?good choice cos it's one of his best songs.as for sly,well , if i could only recall,that's the only song he got a compliment from ken?

am i right or wrong,correct me if i am.

see u at teh finals.

i vote for Taufik.



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