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Sunday, December 05, 2004

A Week of Idol and Taufik Keeps You Occupied!

New Updates! | Fans of Taufik | In The News

New Updates

Alright, glad that so many people commented they have been enjoying this blog. Here are some updates!

- New song highlighted! Now you are listening to "That's What Friends Are For", sung by all the Idol finalists during the Final Showdown. This song will also be included in taufik's debut album!

- If you enjoyed reading this blog, help me spread the word! Use the following images to link to my blog from your blog/website. Just copy and paste the available code. I have two graphics to choose from. Thanks to Arasia!

Cyber realm of Raz

All About Taufik

- many of you asked me what happened to the official fansite (http://www.taufikbatisah.com). No worries, I guess they are down for a while to upgrade to a new look. Meanwhile you can still visit the main page at http://get.to/taufikbatisah (lots of ad pop-ups, mind you) and their forum (click on the banner below!)

All About Taufik

- I have also created a "mini forum" so that you can actually comment on different items on this blog. Look out for the icon - clicking on them will direct you the correct page. But please, don't start off new topics, ok? It is mean for blog comments, not community forums. We have one for that already! (see point above)

- I am also trying to make it easier for you to navigate through long postings with a menu right at the top and little to guide you around!

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Fans of Taufik

Do a search on Google for Taufik Batisah and you will get 400+ results. Most of it will be, guess what, blogs of his fans! Of course, like what the Idols said, the show is nothing without the fans.

Here are some of the best stuff I found on the web - fans' arts on Taufik!

Here are some avatars for forums

How about some forum signature images?

This is by Afif from TaufikBatisah.com's forum

This is by Arasia from TaufikBatisah.com's forum

Fantastic Arts, don't you think?

This is from TaufikOnline.tk

This is by Arasia from TaufikBatisah.com's forum

Here are some wallpapers for your desktops! Just click on them for the bigger version

Have a fantastic fan arts on Taufik? Share with the rest! Have you say!

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In The News

Nowadays I slept so late that by the time I managed to read the newspaper, they are already old news. Sometimes I feel "more updated" by surfing around for news online than buying the printed version. Which I did. I mean, both surfing online and buying the newspaper.

On TaufikOnline.tk, there is this interesting Malay news, apparently from Berita Harian, one of the major Malaysian newspaper. The reporter spoke to Taufik and his Bonafide band mate Mark (view the orginal news here - in Malay!). Was a bit shaken by the news. The gist is this - had Singapore Idol came any later, Taufik might have ventured to Malaysia to find his career in singing. Now, imagine Singapore Idol with Taufik. Then imagine how who will be the one crowned. *shudder*

I decided to test out my Malay language skills and hey, I managed to translated the whole piece! Guessed Singapore did not take away all my Malaysian-ness from me. Read the translated piece of news here.

Would Singapore Idol be the same had Taufik gone to Malaysia? Have you say!

In The New Paper today, Idol fans were crying foul over the veil of secrecy on the voting margin that crowned Taufik (and ousted Sylvester). Many of these fans, who voted multiple times, view their SMS-es as "investments" and thus, they have rights to know exactly by how much did Sylvester lose out to Taufik.

What's you take on this? For me, I think it will be great if we know if Taufik won it by a landslide win, or just a narrow Margin. Granted, the vote stats were readily available in American Idol series (remember Clay vs Ruben, Diana vs Fantasia?), but that doesn't mean MediaCorp has to oblige. The question to ask would be - what good would it do if the public knows the numbers? If it doesn't change a thing but the curiousity of fans, then frankly I think we are making a lot of noise out of nothing.

Taufik and his aunt, Maria Bachok

In Straits Times, the limelight is on Taufik's aunt Maria Bachok, who was once a famous singer in the 1970s. Once can almost say, genetically, Taufik will win the thing. His aunt was one of the quarter finalists in a similar contest in 1969. Taufik (and Sylvester) can take heart that the excessive media attention on them is nothing new and something to be expected - Maria Bachok went through similar scruntinity back in her famous years. Check out the article.

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Alright, that's all folks!


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