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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Updates on a Saturday Night


How could I have missed this out? I have added audio, video, ratings, lyrics... and totally forgotten about pics! Heh, alright, so I added it in. You will see a new icon in between "video" and "lyrics". Click on it will bring you to a mini "album" of the pics available for that particular episode.

Please tell me if you like the new icons!

Hey people,

Been away for awhile. Sorry for the lack of postings (though additions to the blog is ongoing). Okay, I realized that my side bar has been a tad messy, so I spent sometime organizing the layout. You'll notice that I have added new things into "Taufik's Journey to Fame". Here it is:

The first two icons are self explanatory. "Lyrics" is what I found on the net and edit as close as possible to what Taufik actually sang during that episode. "Judges' Comments" are transcripts of what Dick, Florence, Douglas and Ken had rated Taufik's performance. These are prone to errors (it's really, really tough trying to catch exactly what was sung/said!), so if you noticed any erros, please let me know!

Lyrics of "This Is The Moment" is not available yet, so if anyone has them, please share it with us.

Before I go on and do the same icon layout for the other episodes.... what you think? Is this something that you think do justice to our FIRST Singapore Idol? Does it make your "Idol Withdrawal Syndrome" a tad easier to deal with? Haha... do let me know, ok? Don't want to spend all these effort on something that is, err, unused! So, vote now!

Hey, thanks for all the encouraging comments. I hope one day Taufik will visit this site and knows that many of us here are inspired by his dreams!


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