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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Send a Taufik e-Card - TODAY!

Taufik's FIRST Live Performance!

A reminder for you people - Taufik will be performing live this Friday on Suria (click here for details). Show him your support for his first public performance! You can do so by sending these special e-cards (created by Arasia) to your friends to rally for their support. The show is a charity show and Taufik will be singing "Belaian Jiwa" to raise fund!

There's another cause for you to campaign for Taufik - it is his 23rd Birthday! Just click on the "ecard" icon on your right and send it off! For webmasters and bloggers wishing to include this ecard system on your sites, drop me an email. I will be glad to send the script to you too!

Singapore Hip Hop Festival 2004

The online media is buzzing with this news - Taufik is confirmed to perform during this weekend's Singapore Hip Hop festival. He will be performing solo for the very first time in a non-Idol related performance. From www.beats-society.com: "...Held at Hong Lim Park on the 11th December 2004...

Tickets are now on sale at $15 and can be bought at Da Cave #02-37 Queensway Shopping Centre and Da Source #05-127B Far East Plaza..." So, for those of you who are fans of hip hop AND Taufik, this is an event not to miss! Check out the site for some pics of Taufik pre-Idol time. Funky looking, I'll say. He definitely has lost weight since Idol. I can't post the photos here as I haven't sought permission from the webmaster.

And if you need more reasons to go for the event, check this out - MTV Asia will be covering that event! I am not sure if this publicity blizt is due to Taufik's presence, but man... it's going to be big. And I am two-minded to go, too, though I ain't a hip-hop fan. Read out more on these event here and here.

New MP3 Galore

Good news people! I have just uploaded the final three songs Taufik sang the final showdown. They are:

  • Supersitious (or is it Supersition? I'm always confused!)
  • I Dream (this will make a debut in his first album!)
  • Me and Mrs Jones (hot favorite!)

You can find them in "Download Central", accessible by the link on your right (see below).

On Audio and Video Download/Streaming

This is the Download Central!

For the not-so-Internet-savvy reader (hard to believe actually, since you are here at my blog, hmmm....), this is how you can download songs from my blog.

  1. Disable any pop-up blocker that you may have installed on your browser. Computers updated with Window Service Pack 2 will have this feature installed. You can actually set your browser to allow pop-up from my site. More question? Click here
  2. Click on "Download Central". This will bring you a pop-up window (hence the rationale of point 1) which contain a list of links. Yes, it's Taufik's songs galore!
  3. Now you can move your cursor to the link that you want, then right click on your mouse (not the right hand side of the window/link/word!)
  4. A list of options will then appear. Choose and click on "Save As". This will allow you to save the file onto your computer. You can also rename the files as you wish

Okay, I hope this will help you to have a stress-free, hassle-free, only-loving-Taufik download experience. If you still encounter problem (and you are very sure it has nothing to do with you - something is wrong with my blog), just drop me an email. How? Well, there is this nice little link on your right with a little telephone icon next to it. Clicking on it will lead you to an email form to send me messages.

Some of you also asked about how to "include" audio and video onto your blog. I have actually included a brief write up on these topics under "FAQ". And, yes, it can be accessed on your right. If you intend to embed any of Taufik's songs in your blog, please do not stream direct from my website. Doing so will increase my bandwidth cost, which in turns will deplete my financial reserve. I do not wish to cut cost by reducing the web space that I have now, and remove song downloads! I am sure you want them to stay where they are, right? I only give specific permission to TaufikBatisah.com to do so. I mean, official fan site leh, must support mah.

In The News

Seems like Singapore continue to be engulfed by all things Idol. In Today, a commentary by Dharmendra Yadav used Taufik's win in Singapore Idol as an example that Singaporeans are, for the lack of a more accurate word, not racist:

"...Singapore Idol contest, where 3 million votes were cast, could also be viewed as a mandate for equality. And the winner, Taufik Batisah, is a shining example of the fact that meritocracy, not ethnic considerations, mattered in the end..."

The debate is still on going on whether Taufik deserved to win Singapore Idol. Readers (no doubt, supporters of Sly) wrote in to the forum and highlighted even more theories of conspiracy. One commented that the true winner of Idol will depends on how many albums Taufik and Sly can sell. Another said it is the pride of Singapore Polytechnic that drives the campaign of Taufik and made him a winner.

Typing this, I have paused briefly on my opinions on these allegations. Had I wanted to write in to the forum as well, I would have done so. But like what Taufik said, "The competition is over, let's move on", we all, as fans (or netural) of Taufik (or Sly) should move on to. Endless banter on "what it should have been" will never end. Because thinking beings (read: humans) will never 100% agree with each other.

Taufik's Fav Movie!

Another trivia for you die-hard fans - Taufik loves Fight Club, A Beautiful Mind and Kill Bill. Now, I love Kill Bill (more for 1, less for 2), too. Else than that, think Taufik and I couldn't be movie buddy *laugh*. Read more here.

Okay now, I NEED SLEEP


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