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Monday, December 13, 2004

On Hip Hop, Video, Cleo and Taufik

This weekend has been a busy one for me. It has been raining all day on Saturday, and I wondered - how did the Hip Hop Festival went? I really regretted not going but I guess I have to put my classes as priority. Really sorry to Imran for not being able to pull more people there.

Anyway, managed to find out more of the event. It was reported on CNA (read news here). The report made it sounded like 2000 people braved the rain to Hong Lim Park to watch Hip Hop. I mean, it's cool to have such an event, but I think the main draw was definitely Taufik. Right? Anyway, another cool blogger who were there that night snapped some photos and shared with us. The festival, by the way, was organized by Beats Society and was mentioned in a recent posting (read here).

I also bought this month's issue of Cleo. Ok, my aplogies for the female readers out there, but I have absolutely no idea what Cleo is. It was until I was with my friends and thumbing through the magazine that I realized it is a female magazine. Compounding to the horror, my friend exclaimed, "Raz! What are you doing with a FEMALE magazine?"

Honestly. I bought it because Taufik was featured in it, nothing else! But the revealation stayed - that was butt of the many jokes for that night. Argh!

Anyway, here's are some captures from the magazine.

Taufik in Cleo

I have been looking around on download forums for any clips I can find on Idols. Managed to find a full length clip on the Finals! I tried to snip it into different "clips" for Taufik songs using a trial software. Too bad, there is an irritating watermark on the clips, and my After Effect can't edit AVI file!

Sigh... so, until better clips are available, please satisfy your urge with this first. And, please, don't stream this, ok? Just click here to access the download links.

(By the way, for the record, I do not have the video clips that I have included in my postings. I streamed it from the source. And, no, you can't download and save a copy from the URL. And, no, I can't tell you the URL.)

New addition to blogroll - chiCa and Lintz! I am in the midst of planning a better way to organize blogrolls, so keep your eyes peeled on this site!

Some of you also asked if I have mp3 for other contestants. Like Daphne and Christopher. Yup, I have ALL 9 finalists' mp3, minus Beverly (never really liked her) and Jerry (nice guy but no talent at all. seriously). But I can't share it here. I mean, I can't possibly upload it on my web server and share it, right? I don't have that much space.

Unless... if I use my newly purchase domain *grinz*. I'll see how lah... been spending too much time on blogging.

I think I sounded a bit too negative in this post. Sorry. Before you misunderstand, I want to assure you this. It had been a GREAT experience in building up the content of this blog (this blog is the main blog of a network of SIX other blogs supporting all Taufik's content), plus maintaining at least 6 different online image albums and 3 different email inboxes. Why, it is like a full time job. And I like it!

Oh yeah, please link back to me if you like my blog. Thanks :)

Time to sleep. I simply cannot take 1/2 day leave on Mondays again!


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Raz...don't have to apologise about Cleo. To be honest, I don't even buy the magazine but I made the hubby rushed to the mag. shop to buy me one and I made sure he bought me with Taufik's pic on it *hehehehe* Gosh the ones with Taufik as its cover were selling like hot banana fritters! It was sold out at certain places around my area.

So anyway, glad you got your own domain. Must warn you that once you got a domain, you'll be itching to get another and another.



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