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Monday, December 13, 2004

Older News of Taufik

I have many things to thank to people over at Google, or specifically the good folks at Gmail. First, the huge 1 GB space allows me to share and transfer MP3. That's how Jamelia, the webmaster - or webmistress - of TaufikBatisah.com managed to send me the MP3s for me to host.

Then, I used this email to be the contact address for this blog and also various egroups for various Idol finalists. Man, I am flooded by emails because of that, and pissed at times. Why? That's for another post.

Next, I used my same Gmail account to receive Google alerts on - you guessed it - all about Singapore Idols. I have so many subscriptions - but it keep me abreast on many, many news. Most news are pretty accurate anyway, except for my subscription for "Christopher Michael Lee" and "Christopher Lee". Most of the results are for the LOTR actor for Saruman (you know, the evil white wizard). Maybe I should used Chrissy-poo instead. Wahaha...

Anyway. This is my long winded, beating-around-the-bush excuses for explaining this issue - I'm late in updating news about Taufik. I mean, I really, really can't update all the alerts that I have, if I am to upload and share all those video and MP3s as well. Simply no time.

But here they are nonetheless. Better late than never, yeah? Heh.

  • Taufik's birthday party, initially meant for only family and friends, soon ballooned to 200+ eager fans! But Taufik is grateful.
  • Okay, this is a piece of older news - made during the final 4 (with Sly, Olinda and Daphne) on what they could be if the Idol dream crashed. Someone suggested Taufik will fit right in in a gym. I mean, Taufik is fit (losing weight more like it), but I simply can't imagine him sweating it out lifting dumb-bells. OoooOoo... I can see some females start to fantasize. Haha...

  • Another piece of old news from last week. Taufik and Sly attended the Asean-India Car Rally drivers at Padang. Stealing the limelight from the drivers? You bet! It was even reported in Indian media. Now, I don't know if I should be proud, or otherwise.

  • All finalists will get to act in a drama series due to be aired next May! I can't wait to see Taufik (of course!), Olinda (steady pom pee pee) and Chris (that smile!) on TV. Wait, anyone knows what the drama is about?

  • There was a hot debate over why Sly got the same reward as Taufik. This should pacify some anger over MediaCorp's action (old news, I know, beat me!)

So there you have it. Heh. And here's a shout out to these people - xiu, Nur Basirah, filziee and fazzy wuzzy - you have been BLOGROLLED! =)

By the way, I have uploaded a new version of "Me & Mrs. Jones" video. This is a better version (since there is this irritating watermark on the orginal clips - I used trial software) but is a RMVB file. Playable using Real Player. This is for those who missed the link.

Anyone good at editing this kind of video? I got the entire clip for the final show. But I can't burn it into a CD (cause its 704 MB, and CD max capacity is 700 MB - damn!), or into a DVD (I don't have a burner - not so high tech la!), and obviously I can't share it here either. So, any good samaritan can help out and edit the video, making it "share-able"?

Found a site with ALL the MP3s for ALL Idol finalists and misc MP3s from Singapore Idol. Man. And here I thought I was Idol-crazy!


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