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Sunday, December 19, 2004

X'mas Party @ Attica - Post Party Post!

I am back from the party! What a blast! Both Taufik-ed fans and Sly Camp came to support their favorite idols

Okay, my friend and I were pretty on time after having a superb dinner at Brewerkz across the river. We headed to Attica. And boy we had a shock - the place is practically empty! How can it be? Are we late? Is Singapore out of the Idol-fever already?

Turned out that the correct venue is Attica TOO. What a relief! So we headed round the corner, and there! The banner proudly claim "Nokia Private Party - Invitation Only". I get all smugged up and joined the queue.

A funny thing happened - the bouncer actually asked for my IC to check for my age. Like, hello!, which part of me doesn't look like I am above 18? Haha... ok, I shall take it in my stride and treat it as a compliment.

The place is pretty crowded, but not too packed. In fact, it was just nice. Looking around I saw groups of fans and some executives from Nokia. And the party were dotted with other Idols too! These idols were spotted during the party:

1) Leandra. She is all gorgeous with streaks of blonds in her fuzzy hair. Cool!
2) Daphne. Petite as ever. Cute and cuddly. Is it true I heard that she quitted school?
3) Maia. Came later during the party. And she is... well, petite. I can hardly look over the throngs of heads towering over her. Cili padi on stage. Yes, she's hot!
4) Jessea. Yes Jessea was there too! And she was GORGEOUS. And I took a photo with her *swooning*

Click to view the party album!
Jessea and I *swoon*

Wonderful, eh? Don't get all jealous. :P

Of course, here come Taufik and Sly!

Sly opened the show with "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", the song he sang during Spectacular 1 - Parent's Choice. I must admit - he really has the X-factor. He can really connect with the crowd. And, yes, when he is in shape, he can sing. I have little to wonder why the fans (which, by the way, don't look anything to be above legal age to be in Attica) are so smitten by him.

After that, he croned another piece - no surprise here - Jay Chou's famous piece "An Jing". For our Malay speaking friends - nope, he is not singing about any dogs. "An Jing" means "silence" or "quietness" in Chinese. He did pretty well too - and he let his fans opened the song singing at their top of their lungs.

Next come the first round of lucky draw - at which Sly drew 5 rounds of ticket stubs and NONE was present. I mean, how unluncky can he get? More of this later.

Next - Come our first Singapore Idol, TAUFIK!

Click to view the party album!

To my delight, he started with a great number - Supersitious. And man, this is the first time I am seeing Taufik at this close, and he is really good. I mean, yes there were a few odd notes here and there. But overall he is the guy with the voice, the moves, the charm. As he belted his song, the more "matured" fans of Taufik (including yours truly) cheered him on and clapped along.

Next he did "Me and Mrs Jones" - no surprises here, and why is it not "Mrs Jones and I?". And he really won me over. It is little wonder why people say he won in the finals because of this. To all Mrs. Jones/Batisah wannabe, take this from a guy - I UNDERSTAND. :D

Click to view the party album! Click to view the party album! Click to view the party album!

Click to view the party album! Click to view the party album! Click to view the party album!

Then it is his turn to pick a number for the lucky draw - and he hit one winner straight away. Hah.

Next Sly came out to complete his draw - and it was right then we all know the draw is "kelong-ed" (Singapore slang for "the result is fixed"). First he said "Please, give me a winner please" (to which I laughed heartily *sniggers* you should know why!) and then he proceeded to announce the winning number...

... without drawing a ticket. The flustered host of the night hurried stopped Sly to remind him to draw the lot first, but the damage is done. "Kelong, kelong!" And yes, the winner is someone in the "VIP Corner" - where Leandra and Daphne are sitting.

The party ended with Taufik doing a duet with Sly on - no surprises again - "I Dream". And to the three lady contestants who got to meet Sly and Taufik up close during the X'mas Carole Singing Competition - lucky you! They took their chance to shake hand and hug their idols.

Click to view the party album! Click to view the party album! Click to view the party album!

And for those who were there - remember when Taufik judged one of the lady's singing? "There are two type of Santa Claus" And Sly saying, "Ok, I'm going to be Ken Lim". Haha... that was funny!

Click here to view the online album (include both Taufik and Sly!!)

So, the whole thing ended at 9+ or so. I left Attica feeling all good, and I definitely looking forward to taufik's album.

Oh yeah, a message from Taufik - "Remember to buy my album!"

Fique, you need not worry!

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At 1:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there, i'm a slyer and muz say that your report of the party rawks!! thanks for including sly to be part of your engaging blog! so glad to see such a sensible Taufik fan! well, if others are like you... enough said!keep up the good work!

sly fan

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Ili said...

so anyway... i didnt leave how to contact me in my last comment... so my email is ils_phat@hotmail.com pls help reserve a taufik album. thx. your site rox by the way.


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