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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Taufik on 8-Days

Some of you might have noticed I hardly update my blog for the past 2-days. Recent being - I am busy testing out some new softwares to build a Taufik-ed Fan site! Yup, something is coming your way, partly because:

1) Stuff is getting messier by the day and more and more difficult to manage
2) Yahoo! has a sale for domain names!
3) I want to reclaim this blog for personal blogging rather than a Taufik site :)

Yup, we have an alternative site coming up, so you better mark it down now!


Yup, I deliberately choose a similar name as the official site so that it will be easier to remember. For now, the URL will be redirected to this blog. Once the new site is completed, I will direct the URL there. I am very excited - though it means, more sleep-less night for me. *urgh*

For those of you who have linked to me before, you might want to update the links now. No worries, updating the old link (razlanmanjaji.blogspot.com) to the new one (taufikbatisah.net) will simply come back to this site for now. It will not be a broken link.

Thanks a talented blog reader - I have a new link image to use! Do grab the new code (plus the two old ones) right here!


Cyber Realm of Raz

All About Taufik

Now it's time for some update! :)

MTV in the making - I Dream by Taufik Batisah

Who's that guy looking all cool, croning to what it seems like a nightclub? It was a snapshot of Taufik during the one day shooting for his debut single, "I Dream". Read all about what happened during the shoot here.

Also in the same issue of 8-Days, it was stated that Taufik will be the official ambassador for Swatch next year. Way to go, dude! Remember about how he lamented about his love for all things Converse? Now he might have just strike the "celebrity endorsement" gold mine there!

Oh! I almost forgot about this. I managed to download the MP3 for Taufik's performance during the Ikhlas show last week. You can get the files at "Download Central" - I also include the player version right here, so click and play and decide if you want to download. The quality not that fantastic but hey, it's Taufik afterall, yeah?

Ikhlas - Belaian Jiwa

Ikhlas - I Dream

That's all for now folks! More updates soon!
(after I catch some sleep *LOL*)


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