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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Your Questions - Answered

Hey people,

Here are some of your questions posted to me via email. I will try to answer them to the best I can. However, please note these guidelines, ok?

1) If you are posing a question to general blog readers and not really expecting an answer, use the ShoutBox. The ShoutBox can contain only 10 messages at any one time, so question posted might be flushed out before anyone who knows can answer them.
2) If you are posing a question to general blog readers and expecting an answer, please use The Taufik-ed League Forum instead. The forum requires registration - I'm sure all of us don't wish to have any anonymous poster making havoc in our forum!
3) If you are posing a question directly at me, please use the "Contact Me" form. However, before you do so, do check out my FAQ and at least 5 recent postings to see if you can find what you are looking for before emailing me. (I have 500MB worth of emails in my gmail account. No joke!)

Having said that, Raz is always here to help out :) So here are my responses to some selected questions:

"i've manage to download taufik's songs, tanx for replying.. and hey, if ******* really selling the album.. can u count me in?? im buying it for sure..."

The thing is, I am not too sure about this album-ordering anymore. I lost the contact person that I dealt with, and I have trouble trying to get in touch with her again. Anyway, somehow I got to know Taufik's manager and I'll drop her an email and see how things go. You should try your luck in record store. If they don't know, move on! Those of you who managed to place orders - pray share with us, please? :)

"My family and I are a big fan of Taufik and we really appreciate yr effort in keeping us posted on his activities. Question : How can we get hold of his album in JB?"

Will you look at that! Even people across the causeway heard of Taufik! Well, to our Malaysian friends, I am not sure how the distribution will go in Malaysia - I will ask the recording company. However, if I can collect orders from you and ship it over, I'll do so. Let me get hold of the information first, yeah?

"Can u post the vid on him singin "Me and Mrs Jones?"

My, my... all you Mrs. Jones/Batisah wannabes (and those guys who want to take a lesson or two from Taufik to swoon girls), check out my newly update "Download Central". You are in for a treat!


At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey,Raz, okay, firstly, i wanna say that this blog is terrific and congrats on your great job! Keep up your great job, kay? Anyway, i also wanna remind all Taufik's fans to watch the'Affairs of The Heart' charity show at 7pm 26th Dec 2004 on Channel 8 coz Taufik's gonna sing in that charity show!!! And, he'll most probably be singing a mandarin song!!! That's what i heard from the channel 8 official website...so, watch da show to support Taufik and also all the heart patients!!! Rock on Taufik! Rock on Raz!!

At 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Errr just something that's been bugging me. A bit of cultural insight: if someone marries Muhammad Taufik bin Batisah, she won't be Mrs Batisah, because Batisah is Taufik's dad's name ('bin' means 'son of'). Malays doesn't have surnames so whoever he marries will be Mrs Taufik.

At 12:57 AM, Blogger buffy said...

I met TAUFIK in person. COME TO MY BLOG and see his pics!!!! He was so down to earth!


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