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Monday, December 27, 2004

More on Taufik iPod Fund!

Taufik iPod Fund

Hi all,

There had been numerous concerns about Taufik iPod fund. To be more specific, many of us are under the impression that Taufik has already got an iPod. Present from fan for his birthday.

You will be amused by this - judging from the number of emails I got on this matter, you will think Taufik has at least 10 iPods!

Okay, please do not ask me how I did this, but these latest confirmed info come from no other than man himself. According to Taufik and Aleze (his god-sis):

1) A number of fans contributed a sum of money for the iPod. These include a group of RGS girls and other well-wishers/fans
2) The accumulated sum is not enough to get an iPod mini as planned
3) Apple Singapore has ran out of stock for iPod mini
4) Taufik does NOT have any iPod to date
5) Taufik prefer iPod over Creative Zen

The plan, now, is to purchase him a 40GB iPod Photo priced at $888. Your contributions (see right) will be added on to existing fund to purchase the new gift.

In addition, Aleza's family will get getting him an iBook/iMac.

I know all of us mean well, but as the "blogmaster" here, I am getting very tired of telling everyone the right situation is. Please do take this post as the most up-to-date information. Also, I will no longer be replying to any emails/comments telling me that Taufik already has an iPod/Creative Zen is better etc. No offences - I know you meant well but I will continue with this fund.

So to would-be-contributors, thank you for your interest in the fund. Take note of this post as the final confirmation. If you trust me, my blog, Aleze and Taufik himself, do contribute as you deemed worth. If you still think some fans have given him an iPod, it is alright to give this fun a miss.

In any case, if in the end I am proven wrong, I can either purchase another gift for Taufik (with agreement from all contributors, of course), or I can refund everyone on the contributed sum.

Thank you everyone! And here to more updates in The Taufik-ed Blog Network!

1) A temporary forum has been set up while problems are sorted out with the original "Taufik-ed League Forum".
2) Taufik did a superb rendition of An Jing, and Sly did very well on Belaian Jiwa as well. Check out the news here, or head down to the forum thread to discuss more!
3) Our feature on LIME, January 2005 issue is up! Complete with superb scans and "analysis" on the feature.
4) Remember to check out the translated version of the Manja's feature of Taufik.

That's all folks! And more news on the "Taufik-ed Blogger Network" will be made available later.


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