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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Taufik to sing in Chinese!

A bit late for this, I know, but better than never - Taufik will be singing "An Jing", the Jay Chou song sung by Sly during the Asian Pop round! Catch him in action tonight on Channel 8, 7 p.m. And what's more, Sly will sing "Belaian Jiwa" too! Can you imagine that R&B song being sung in a rock way? I think only Sly can pull off something like that. I can't wait! Read more about it.

Post what you think of their performance here!

Just to jog your memory a bit (and set your expectations right):

Taufik Batisah, singing "Belaian Jiwa"

Sylvester Sim, singing "An Jing"

Most of us also knew that Taufik was featured in Manja, January 2005 issue, reputedly the best shots done on Taufik ever. The magazine, however, is in Malay, and considering that many readers here are less "conversant" in the language, I took the liberty to translate the entire article into English! And here are some of its snap shots.

Click here to read the translated article

Have yet to receive any positive response on the iPod fund. Don't worry people - it is genuine! The person I am talking with is Aleza herself, who is close to Taufik. A bit of trivia - that poor guy finally finishes the album recording this morning, at 1 a.m.! So, if you have not made any pre-sales order, and want to get an autographed CD by Taufik, make your order now.

Thank you all for the support! More updates coming soon.


At 2:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey hey!!! thanks for the translation! u rock! keep doing wat you're doing aiight? lols~

At 2:41 PM, Blogger LovelyLolla said...

Heys, gotta tell you, his die-hard fans alrdy bought him an i-pod n given him personally. A white one. I read her blog. Sorry, bro.


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