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Saturday, December 25, 2004

In Construction

Hey all...

In response to the "heavy taufik", I mean, "heavy traffic" (honest, that wasn't deliberate!) to this site, I am restructuring some parts of this blog. So if you happen to click around found some odd stuff here and there, don't panic! It is just ME at work :)

One of such additions is the top navigation links. These links will lead you to the entire blog network dedicated to Taufik - besides this main blog, there are blogs for news, media, audio and video. Links to forum and gallery will lead to non-blogging external sites. There is also another admin blog, but this one is, err, not suitable for public viewing at the moment.

Which leads me to the question - anyone interested to join the "Taufik-ed Bloggers Network"? Members of this network will be in-charge of each separate, dedicated network of blogs. The nature of blog, essentially, is to pass the power of journalism and speech to the mass public (i.e. you). And since I have a collection of blogs on all things Taufik, I thought, why not pass the power back to you, too?

Of course, not all will be eligible, yeah? To maintain certain level of quality of this site, I will need to set certain, err, expectations :)

So, if you are interested, drop me a line. I'll do up a proper "blogger-wanted" ad to define what exactly is in store for selected bloggers and how you can contribute soon. Keep your eyes peeled here! :)

The Taufik-ed League forum is current down *sigh* The bandwidth of my host has been exceeded, and this is due to the many downloads of Taufik videos that I have provided in Download Central. So, folks, for the time being the video links will not be working. I am negotiating with my host for more bandwidth, so keep tuned, alright?

I have many materials on my hand, and I want to get them posted as soon as possible! :)


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