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Saturday, January 01, 2005

First Day of 2005

This is the year 2005. And today is the first day of the brand new year!

At the Sentosa Countdown last night, Taufik was seen on TV greeting us on the New Year. During the show, he sang "Senorita" and "I Dream", much to the delight of concert-goers. Happy New Year to you too, Taufik!

Taufik @ Sentosa Countdown

At the same time, as planned, Taufik's new MTV has premier-ed last night amidst much anxiety among us! Thanks to http://ilovetaufikbatisah.blogspot.com for the great video and video snapshots. You can view the video here, and the online album can be viewed here.

Were you happy or disgruntled with the MTV? Tell us in the forum. Many Taufik-ed fans had voiced mixed opinion with the final video.

Our initial fear that the MTV will not be aired as the Sentosa Countdown's live telecast was cancelled was proven unnecessary. However, let's not forget about the reason behind all these moderation celebrations of the new year. In case you have missed some previous postings, I have created a special blog on the Tsunami Disaster for all fans to keep informed on the latest development of the crisis. You can also voice your opinion or share tsunami-related experience in our special thread in the Taufik-ed League, where a small discussion is already ongoing.

There are some videos available online filmed by near-victim of the tidal wave. I have uploaded two to share with you - click here to download a Phuket's clip, and here for another one recorded in Sri Lanka.

Even Taufik has chipped in for the relief fund. He was seen helping out at Mercy Relief! Good for him - our Idol really does a heart of gold.

Have you make new resolutions for the new year? Responding to media interview, Taufik said: "(My resoltuion is) to work really hard and be recognised regionally, and then take over the world! And it would be pretty cool if I get to meet Usher at some awards show, especially since we share the same record label!" Read more on resolutions of other Idol finalists.

I have yet to make mine! :P


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