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Friday, December 31, 2004

"I Dream" MTV Premiere Update (Edited)

Latest Update

Alright people, rejoice and count your blessing.

Taufik's "I Dream" MTV will be premiered at 12 a.m., 1st Jan 2005

Talk about it here! =)

Previous Update

First of all, as most of us know, the live telecast for the Sentosa Countdown has been cancelled by MediaCorp. Read more at our news blog.

The decision to air, or not to air, of any program on TV station is entirely up to MediaCorp. Therefore, it is as good as anyone's guess if MediaCorp is going to air Taufik's MTV or not.

Perhaps, a decision has yet to be made. After all, the move to cancel the telecast was a last minute as well.

In any case, let us all not to be too agitated with this turn of event. Turn on the TV at the stroke of midnight and see if MediaCorp did as planned. If not, we can always look forward to the next day.

I am just trying to be put things in perspective - I think we should be more reflective on what happened (read: tsunami) instead of getting worked up over a MTV airing issue. I'm sure Taufik would want his fans to be more compassionate and sensible.

Afterall, MediaCorp is but an entertainment entity, and only that. =)

I'll update again if I heard of any news, ok?

Sorry been very tied up at work.

I don't want you all to keep guessing. As of now, even I myself am unsure if the MTV launch is still on as planned tonight.

Once I got to know, I'll post it up. I promise.