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Sunday, January 02, 2005

"The Taufik-ed League" Mailing List

Finally! I have decided to launch a mailing list for all readers of TaufikBatisah.net blog network. I'll just simply name it is "The Taufik-ed League" mailing list.

This is what you get for joining the list:

#1) You'll get most updated info on Taufik, changes to this blog network, and announcements from me and the Bloggers Network (yet to be set-up) directly in your inbox! I'll try to get it started at one email per week. :)

#2) As a registered member of the league, you'll also be the first one to know of Taufik's appearances/performances in the public! Of course, this is subjected to the availability of such information, and I'll only post info from credible sources.

#3) This mailing list is of newsletter-style. I do not want to make a "email-conversation" kind of mailing list and flood your inbox with hundreds of unnecessary emails and having you scrolling through chatters, one-liners and desperate pleas. There will be control in place on email content, and members will not be able to send emails to the entire group. (If you would like to join an email-conversation type of group, please join The Streets Team instead)

Joining the mailing list is easy! I'll be using the Google Groups new technology, so just use this form to subscribe:

Google Groups

Subscribe to "The Taufik-ed League" Mailing List!
Please enter your email:

Once submitted, you'll receive an email to confirm your email address (this is needed to knock out spams). And help spread the word! Use the following code and text link and put it up on your blog/website!

Join "The Taufik-ed League" Mailing List!

If you can't copy the code, visit this link to obtain the code instead.

It has been a rainy day. Will update more tonight!


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