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Monday, January 03, 2005

Domain Redirect and Downtime

Hi all!

I don't how else I can send out this message.

Good news: I have finally gotten a new hosting package for http://www.TaufikBatisah.net! How cool is that? Currently, all I have is just the domain name, and I set it to redirect to my blog (razlanmanjaji @ blogspot). That's why if you see in the address bar, it is not TaufikBatisah.net

Bad news: As I need to make certain server changes for the domain (I am not very good at this kind of thing!), when you try to go to TaufikBatisah.net, you might encounter an error message. This is normal, as the change of domain hosting take sometime to actually take effect all over the net.

What can you do? No worries, this site is not down! Just come direct to http://razlanmanjaji.blogspot.com instead :)

More good news: This crossed my mind just now. I suddenly realize I can offer you people email account! How cool is that! Like, for me, I can get an email like razlan@taufikbatisah.net. I can even give someone taufik@taufikbatisah.net *LOL* Cool eh? But...

More bad news: I totally overlooked the fact that my assignment is up tomorrow! Damn! I gotta burn the midnight oil and try to rush up the assignment. This is very silly indeed. Sigh.. so for at least tonight and tomorrow, there will not be any update to this site. I am so sorry. But I hope the above good news (plus the redirection changes) are some good thing for you all.

Stay Taufik-ed! :)


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