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Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Blessings" - It's finally here!

(Razlan's Note: This is my first attempt in something like a journalist's feature. Pardon the quality eh :P Also, I will be putting up Taufik's official biography and press releases from BMG tonight. Thought I should do up this article before I forget anything. Yes, this is not from any newspaper/magazine - I did it up myself. You'll see similar features tomorrow in national dailies =))

Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah's debut album will hit the market tomorrow (Friday, 14th January)
By Razlan, TaufikBatisah.net

Taufik's new album, titled "Blessings", will be on shelves at music stores islandwide tomorrow. His strong will and tireless effort to produce the album despite his National Service commitment and various media appearances had not been in vain - pre-sales figure for Taufik's album has hit more than 10,000 copies, a big feat in local music industry.

News had it that Hype Records and Sony-BMG, his management and record label, are aiming for platinum record. Responding to the good news in awe, Taufik was speechless for a moment before muttering a happy "Wow!"

"Blessings" is reputedly the first local English album to achieve gold record for the past 10 years.

What you are in for

Media at the press conference held at Royal Plaza Hotel today (including this blogger) was in for a real treat as several clips of selected pieces from a repertoire of 11 songs in his album were played (see list at end of article). Taufik's fans will rejoice tomorrow as the album contains original R&B pieces as well as Taufik's selections for Singapore Idol, the 6-month long contest that brought him to fame.

Here's (an amateurish) review for the pieces:

Backup Against the Wall
A club dance track, this has a snappy tempo, very Taufik-ish... you can't help swinging your leg to its tune!

Let's Stay Together
Claimed by Florence Lian, one of the Singapore Idol judges as his best performance, the song has been completely rearranged - less "noisy" (remember Dick Lee?) - Taufik's voice came out nice and clear

All for Love
Written by Ken Lim (Director of Hype, also a Singapore Idol judge), this brand new piece features Taufik's falsetto capability really well!

Me & Mrs. Jones
All Mrs. Taufik wanna-bes, scream! Taufik is back with this sexy rendition in a somewhat very jazzy, relaxed mood.

One Last
I can't describe this song in words. Easily the best in the album, one that will set the chart on fire, soaring through the rank and tug at your heartstrings. That was until I heard...

That's Malay for "mother". Specially dedicated to Madam Batisah, Taufik was said to be so emotional during the recordings. It was his tribute to his mum - talk about being a filial son!

Taufik on inspiration, blessings and friendship

When "Ibu" was played (you'll definitely be able to recognise the main tune), Taufik was seen chewing his fingers again - a sign that he was nervous and trying not to shed tears. Honestly, this guy gotta be one of the most sentimental and emotive that you'll ever know.

"My mum is my Idol" said an emotional Taufik. "She has been an inspiration to me, and I want to take care of her for all that she has done for me"

Why "Blessings"?

"I feel very blessed and grateful to be where I am now. It was an opportunity for me to show and share my talent.. (10 years ago) I thought being a singer will forever remain a dream. I never thought one day, I'll be sitting in a room with so many journalists doing my own conference" said Taufik with a laugh.

Asked on his taken on friendship, Taufik said "There are two kinds of friends. One is acquintance - the type that you say hi and bye to. The other are real friends. They are there for you no matter who you are, and support you in whatever you are going through. To my friends, I want to thank you for believing in me"

On life being an Idol

"It has been tough to juggle between NS, performances and time with family and friends" Taufik said. But he stressed his team (at Hype Records) had been very supporting. "They'll arrange my schedule so that I will have off-time for my family.... What I mean is, they did cut me some slack!"

For Taufik, who will be completing his NS in October 2005, his NS life has been very much unchanged. "My superiors still treat me the same. They had been very understanding on my Idol commitments, but frankly, nothing much has changed."

Idol-fame can come at a price.

Asked if he still take public transport, he said: "Yeah, sure I do. I take taxi." Laughingly he added: "Nowadays I don't really take public transport. I mean, I don't mind being recognised. But what if there's someone (is annoyed) with the commotion? Worse, what if someone doesn't like me?"

But for Taufik, being popular has more high moments than low. Recounting on an experience while on NS duty: "It was night time, and I was in front of Paragon in my uniform (complete with the cap). Suddenly someone turned to me and asked me to take photo. I said: sure! Not long after, a crowd start to form right there. It was like.... a press conference!"

Is the rumuor true that he is earning loads of money? "I didn't take any of the (performance and endorsement) fees because of NS," he added. "Hype uses it to finance his promotion and stuff. They take care of me really well"

Something like a piggy bank? "Yeah!"

On the recent tsunami

"You can't help but feel for the victims" Taufik said somberly. He will be performing in aid of the disaster victim this Saturday at Cdans Bukit Batok in a performance organized by the Police Force. "It's the least I can do, and I hope my fans will come and support me and contribute to a worthy cost"

"Blessings" will be available tomorrow. All pre-sales buyers can claim their CDs at the outlet which they brought it from. Taufik will also be making the rounds at several music stores in town to meet fans and give out the CDs personally. Click here to find out how can be a part of the Taufik-ed Coverage Team tomorrow!

Do catch Taufik in action at Cdans Bukit Batok on Saturday at 2 p.m. Join the discussion on how fans can come together to do your part for the tsunami relief and support Taufik. The concert is open to public and admission is free. - TB.net

Click here to view photos from the press conference

Complete song list:
One Last
Me & Mrs. Jones
Backup Against The Wall
Let's Stay Together
Close 2 U
Missing You Always
All The Love
I Dream


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