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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The one when Raz doesn't know where to get started

(This is absolutely phenomenal. So many things happened for the past 48 hours, and I missed all the actions, and I don't know how to get started! Ok, one thing at a time....)

Dear Taufik-eds!

It was with my utmost pleasure to report to you two of the BUSIEST and MOST HAPPENING days in TaufikBatisah.net's history!

Launch of Blessings: Selling, selling, Sold Out!

Barely 24 hours after hitting the shelf, Taufik's debut album "Blessings" was reportedly sold out at various music stores islandwide! difflam74 from The Taufik-ed Forum gave some on-the-move information: "I have visited three different stores in Tampines Mall and Century Squares today and all of them no longer have any stocks for Blessings!"

Somewhat weird for us to feel happy to be disappointed. But not all is well with fans who have pre-ordered their albums. Said one forum-er: "I went to the outlet at Jurong Point and they say Taufik's album is not here yet and it is afternoon already!" Indeed, there seems to be some glitches in the delivery of order islandwide for Taufik's debut album.

(By the way, a new gallery has been set up! Click the picture to visit scan outs of Blessing, the entire package!)

Taufik Blessings

Downtown Orchard was in an uproar yesterday evening as fans stormed various stores where Taufik will be making special appearances. The Taufik-ed team survived the ordeal and will be back with reports + photos soon. Meanwhile, drop by our Taufik-ed League Forum for bits of juicy (and some not so juicy) reports from Taufik's mini tour yesterday!

Tsunami Fund-Raising: Body Combat Challenge

It was absolute mayhem at CDANS today. The crowd was not very big, but hordes of Taufik-ed fans stormed the ground in a roaring show of support for Taufik!

Atiqah, owner of Taufik-B.net was there today, and from the multiple SMS-es she sent out, the show (or rather, Taufik) was absolutely thrilling!

"Taufik is HOTTT! Sang Me & Mrs. Jones" a very enthusiastic Atiqah reported. Later on: "Show ended with Taufik doing a body combat exercise with everyone, except for the fans who stood by to watch him... and he sang I Dream too! Fans were singing along, screaming his name and trying to get good shots of him..."

Thanks to her, we have some photos from the event to show!

Other News Update

There were a number of coverage on Taufik in the media the past few days, but I don't want to write too long. But I gotta mention this: part of the letter sent out by Nur Farhana on TaufikBatisah.net's behalf was published in Straits Times! Although HMV has since then rectified the "oversight", it is great that we have voiced opinion to the media. Thanks again Ana for such a great piece!

Other news on Taufik in the papers:

- Living The Dream
- First gold for a local English album in a decade!
- Taufik Cover-Up in Berita Harian (thanks to Juliana for sending in this piece!

Alright, that's all folks!


At 3:03 PM, Blogger the devil herself said...

i hope taufik makes it to the regional areas, hopefully malaysia! then i can go catch him!! :P coz i will be doing my internship in KL for 3 months, starting next week. :( will be so far from taufik if he makes any appearance locally (in s'pore).

razlan, keep up the good work, yah! i come back everyday for updates on my idol!


At 3:18 PM, Blogger Frina said...

Wow! It's Taufik's rezeki I shall say.. Hopefully his album can even hit 30 000! He will make it big one day!!

Raz, great news update u have here on Taufik!! Will support u all the way!! Go Raz!!!! :)



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