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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The one when the official fan club is finally forming!

Dear Taufik-ed fans!

Monday is always a blue day for me. So much work to do in office, and I'm always flooded! The an hour or two before bed time is my Taufik-ed time, so here I am faithfully updating you on all things Taufik.

Name Taufik's Fan Club Contest!

Hype Records

Yup, you have read it right. An official Taufik's fan club is (finally) forming. I am helping Hype Records (that's Taufik's management company) to get suggestions for the fan club. Hype Records would like to know YOUR preference before they make any further action. What's more, the winner of this contest will be "rewarded" with a personlised gift from Taufik!

Now, this is how it'll work:
1) I'll collect suggestions from you using a web form (linked below)
2) Give us your most creative thought! And tell us why you choose that name!
3) All names of participants and their suggestions will be passed on to Hype
4) Hype Records will select the top 5 names and open for public voting
5) The name with the top votes will be the winner and get a gift from Taufik!

Click here to name the Official Taufik Fan Club!

Okay, better hurry. Once I have enough suggestions, I will close the form. Usually this won't take more than a day! I have already suggested mine! :P

Taufik's Blessing Showcase!

The news is out that Taufik's showcase for his album will be held this Saturday, 22nd January at the Singapore Polytechnic! The show will start at about 3 p.m.

Those of you who have purchased the albums, remember to send in your form for a chance to win passes to the event! Admission is only for those with passes, and these are given to those who are selected via lucky draw. So hurry! I had send in mine last week! :P

I'll let you know more once I have more confirmed details

(Razlan's note: To buyers of album through TaufikBatisah.net, this would mean that your album might be deliver earlier than expected - between 22nd to 26th. I will be in touch again with more info close to the date. I know you guys can't wait, but think of the autograph!

A message from Taufik on CDANS Show

Taufik would like to thank all fans who made their way to Bukit Batok last Saturday to support him in the name of a good cause. He would like to apologise to fans who might feel disappointed as he is unable to sign autograph on your albums prior to this showcase. This is a directive from his management. Taufik knows his fans are an understanding lot and he is very grateful for all the care and concern you have given him. Taufik is truly touched.

Awwww..... =)

Okay, so the messenger boy has done his job. Time now for bed! Good night, Taufik-eds!


At 10:08 PM, Blogger missymarsie said...

hey! i heard tt taufik n sly will be at SMU (singapore management university) this coming Mon, 24th Jan.. the exact timing im not too sure yet.. and wat they will do there im not too sure either.. SMU will be having their patrons day on that day and i heard it has something to do with their campus radio launch.. will post more details when i get more info.. or if anyone else has any info?

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Raz said...

I believe that's a closed door event and not open to public.

At 9:34 PM, Blogger missymarsie said...

seriously? okae.. but its held at SMU's upper quad which is an open area.. how can it be closed door then? and besides this patron day thing is open to the public.. so i doubt itz closed door rite..


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