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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The one when (finally) all CDs have been sent out

Dear Taufik-eds!

Finally! All CDs have been sent out to all buyers! You should be receiving your copies by Saturday the latest, and sometime next week for Malaysian buyers. And I got a surprised for you in the package! No, it is more than just Taufik's autograph! =)

Name-the-FanClub Contest!

I listed one of the entry wrongly. So sorry people. It should be "Fiknatic", not "Fiknatik" as listed before. So sorry! But the poll will continue, and you can do so here

Simply Taufik
Get Taufik-ed
Fiknatic (Updated!)
Totally Fiked-out

S'pore Poly Open House

Here you go, another Taufik's appearance! Here's the details:
What: Taufik's Special Appearance@ S'pore Poly Open House
Date: Saturday, 5th Feb 05
Time: 12.30 to 1.30pm (during Lunch Time Concert at SP's Open House)
Where: S'pore Poly Convention Centre, next to Dover MRT station (same venue as his 22 Jan Thank-You party)

Taufik is worried that the last minute change in date may result in poor attendance. Prove him wrong!! Keep up to date on Taufik's schedule by going to the forum's calendar.

Taufik-ed Gallery - Updated!

More contribution from Taufik-ed Fans - this time from Kim! View the Taufik-ed Gallery on last Saturday's Thank-You Party.

More News on Taufik

The truth about Ibu
Malay song on Taufik's album was written by Ahmad Jaafar and Sharif Rahman, not P. Ramlee - Read more...

Terharu IBU jadi pilihan Taufik tetapi....
Apabila mendapat tahu Taufik Batisah menyertakan lagu IBU dalam album sulungnya, keluarga penggubah veteran Haji Ahmad Jaafar rasa terharu dan bangga - Read more...

NEW! Get Live MSN Alert

Decided to try out this new service. Now you can get Live Alert on MSN Messenger whenever TaufikBatisah.net is updated. Just look at the top right column to sign up.

Alright. It had been a long day. And thank goodness I am on leave tomorrow! Till then =)


At 1:37 PM, Blogger LovelyLolla said...

Raz! What's d surprise?? Oh myy,u're killing us,what's d surprise??!

*cuff Raz shirt and shake him to tell!*

At 3:25 PM, Blogger Raz said...

Haha... no worries. It is not something from Taufik, but close. :)

At 3:11 PM, Blogger Jeeazi said...

AH at last! Just received the CDs yesterday. My kidz love it. Even my 21 mth baby can recognise Taufik's face and sing "I dream" eventhough its sounds like "ah im" .

Anyway wonder raz what the surprise? Anything I miss out on? E

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Raz said...

Hehe... i will post on the site soon about that "surprise". ah, your son so cute!!! send me his picture! i want to post it up for taufik to see! :)


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