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Thursday, February 03, 2005

The one when finally Raz reveils...

Hello Taufik-eds!

I have been keeping silent lately, mainly due to exams and also the "new blog" that I am telling you about. Now, here are the few things you all are dying to know!

Winner of Name-the-FanClub Contest!

I am proud to announce that Rizal Isaac is the eventual winner of the "Name The Fan Club" contest! His entry, "Fiknatic" has won him a personally autographed leather bracelet strap specially purchased by Taufik. Congrats, Rizal!

Here are the results' statistic:
Winner: Fiknatic - 133 out of 263 (50.6%)

Get Taufik-ed - 43 out of 263 (16.3%)
Simply Taufik - 40 out of 263 (15.2%)
Fiked-Out - 24 out of 263 (9.1%)
Totally Fiked-out - 23 out of 263 (8.7%)

The Official Fan Club Revealed

"Fiknatic", the official Taufik Batisah's fan club is endorsed by Artiste Management of Hype Records. Now you can begin to register to become an official member! As a member of "Fiknatic", you are entitled to the following membership benefits:

- Taufik's latest (and first-hand) information
- Taufik's fans specialties
- Exclusive Swatch offers and privileges
- VIP invitations to special events
- Priority to purchase the limited edition special packaging designed by Taufik!

What's more - become a member today and receive a Fiknatic Welcome Pack that includes a $20 product voucher from Swatch, membership card and a Swatch catalogue!

You can view the official press release here, or visit this link to register for Fiknatic!

Now, what does it mean for this site?

TaufikBatisah.net - Official Taufik Batisah's website

TaufikBatisah.net is official endorsed by Artiste Management as the official website of Taufik! In conjunction with that, I have painstakingly move all the content to a totally new site!


The site is still under construction at various places, but there you have it! The official site!

That will also spell the demise of this particular main blog, and all other blogs hoster under BlogSpot.com. So if you have linked to any of this blogs from your site, please update your links/bookmarks!

That's all folks. It had been a LONG night.